6381-SX System Board Locations

6381-SX System Board

J1 Keyboard Connector
J2 Mouse Port
J3 Serial Port (Comm B)
J4 Serial Port (Comm A)
J5 Parallel Port
J6 Video Port
J7 Hard Disk Connector
J8 Power Supply Connector
Power Connector/Voltage

J9 Diskette Connector
J10 Mouse Disable
J11 Flash Memory

J12 Riser Card Connector
J13 Video Enable
J14 Video Feature Connector
VESA Connector

J15 Write Protect
J16 Memory-Module Socket MEM-1
J17 Memory-Module Socket MEM-2
J18 Memory-Module Socket MEM-3
J19 Memory-Module Socket MEM-4
J20 Hard Disk and Power-On LED
J21 Speaker Connector
J22 Speaker Enable
J23 Video Interrupt Enable

U34 Video Memory Connector
U35 Video Memory Connector
U36 Video Memory Connector
U37 Video Memory Connector

U46 Processor Upgrade Socket

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