Software/Hardware Mismatch Problems

Software/Hardware Mismatch Problems

If a failure appears to be the result of a defective FRU, but the diagnostic tests run error-free, there might be a software and/or hardware mismatch. These problems might be intermittent, and they can be difficult to diagnose.

First of all, verify the BIOS level (for machine-types with FLASH-BIOS) and if a down level BIOS is found, then try first an BIOS upgrade.

If you are experiencing this type of problem, and the operating system is of the direct driver variety, which bypasses the BIOS interface, such as:

the most-likely cause of the problem is a mismatch between the software and the hardware.

Applications that use the Multiprotocol Adapter/A, magnetic tape drives, and some SCSI devices such as CD-ROM, require direct software drivers. There is no BIOS interface to these devices in PS/2 products.
The following information is provided to help you resolve these problems.

Software/Hardware Compatibility
Direct-driver software is sensitive to variations in hardware design. The resulting incompatibilities are usually addressed with a revision (sometimes referred to as a patch), to the direct-driver software. Make certain the software is current and that all known revisions are installed. The IBM on-line bulletin board (sometimes refereed to as PCPROD), and other software tools sources, such as Novell Netware, should be referenced by the software support personnel for any revisions provided by the appropriate software vendor.

The most-likely cause of these types of problems, when direct-driver software is involved, is the failure to obtain the latest revisions from the software vendor.

Software Installation

It is very important to follow the vendor's installation procedures. The software should not be migrated from another system, unless the installation instructions indicate that migration is supported (especially from a different model in the product line). Migrating adapters from slower systems to faster systems might cause problems. This is due to device-specific, system-specific, or time-dependent software code, that controls these devices. 

Adapter and Software Compatibility

Hardware adapters for some operating systems must be approved by the software vendor to be compatible with that software. The approval is specific to the system, adapter E.C. level, and the software version. Contact the software vendor to confirm that system and adapter configuration is supported by their software level. The compatibility support is especially important for, (but not limited to), all LAN adapters and RIPL applications.

Software Failures After a Hardware Change

After the initial installation, any changes in the hardware configuration (addition or changes of adapters or features), might result in computer failures and require the reinstallation of the operating system or the software revisions.

Specific hardware configuration changes (such as memory address, interrupt level, or programmable option select), might result in a computer failure if the software has unique operating requirements.

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