Undetermined Problems

Undetermined Problems

You are here because the diagnostic did not identify the failure, the Devices List is incorrect, or the system is inoperative.

NOTE: If you suspect a software mismatch is causing failures (solid or intermittent), be sure to see: 'Software/Hardware mismatch Problems'.

Before start, and if possible note all CURRENT CONFIGURATION settings, because if you change any of these settings (IRQ / Memory) by replacing defective Adapter/Card and doing a autom. configuration, the machine would be repaired, but some Software components may not work with this 'NEW' Hardware-Setup (IRQ / Memory settings). For a customer it's still the same problem, a NON-FUNCTIONING system !

It would be a good practice to check first the 'power supply voltages', before start with the below steps.

Disconnect the Line Power-Cable and:

Reconnect the Line Power-Cable and:
Check the power supply voltages, if the voltages are not correct, replace the power supply. If the voltages are correct, return here and do the following:
  1.  Power-off the computer (and disconnect the Line Power-Cable)
  2.  Remove or disconnect the following (one at a time) until you find the  failure (power-on the computer and reconfigure each time).

     Minimum operating requirements vary for each computer. For example:

  3.  Power-on the computer. If the problem remains, suspect the system board, then the processor board in that order.


If the problem goes away when you remove an adapter from the bus adapter, and replacing that adapter does not correct the problem, suspect the system board, processor board, then the bus adapter (riser card) in that order. 

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