POWER-ON / Admin. PASSWORD removal

  POWER-ON / Admin. PASSWORD removal

The Power-on Password denies access to the computer by an unauthorized user when the computer is powered on. When a power-on password is active, the password prompt appears on the screen each time the computer is powered on. The computer starts after the proper password is entered or locks if 3-time an invalid password was entered.

The Administrator Password allows to control who has access for:

  On Series 700 PCs, when the user forgets or loses his/her ADMINISTRATOR Password ,then the SYSTEM board must be replaced (Customer responsibility - billable SC)

Removing a Power-on Password:

To service a computer with an active and unknown power-on password, power-off the computer and follow the machine depended, password removal procedure.

 +---- Note --------------------------------------------+
 | Remind the user to enter a new PASSWORD when service |
 | is complete.                                         |

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