62xx, 65xx and 68xx PC - Power-On Password Reset

  Types 6565, 6862, 6865, 6872, 6892, 6889, 6897 have Enhanced Security Mode.
If Enhanced Security mode is enabled and there is no password given, the computer will act as if Enhanced Security is disabled.

If Enhanced Security is Enabled and an administrator password is given, the administrator password must be entered to use computer.
the administrator PW is lost or forgotten, the system board in the computer must be replaced and the customer charged accordingly. (Jumper located on System board -or- RISER card)

Power-On - PW Override Jumper locations:

REMEMBER: In some machines you will find a label inside the top cover,
with jumper/switch locations and instructions how to use ...

To service Type 62xx, 65xx and 68xx computers with an active and unknown power-on password,
power-off the computer and do the following:

NOTE: On some models, this procedure will also remove the administrator password.

  1.  Unplug the power cord and remove the top cover.
  2.  Refer to the specific system board layout (use above links) you are servicing.
     Depending on the system board, the password is reset by a jumper or switch setting.
  3.  Move the password jumper (Jxx) to connect from the center pin and the opposite end of the connector, or,  short then open the password jumper, or, change the switch setting as appropriate.
  4.  Wait ONE-MINUTE (w/o Line Power-cable connected).
  5.  Re-connect the Line Power-cable and Power-on the computer.
     (On some mach.-types the PC will autom. power-on after line-cord is re-connected and configuration is lost.)
  6.  The system senses the change in the position and erases the password.

  7.  Run Setup/Date/Time/ ... and don't forget
    remind the user to enter a new password.

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