IBM PS/2 SCSI-2 Adapter/A

Part    FRU P/N
   SCSI-2 Adapter/A    71G3576

SCSI-2 Adapter/A Description

The IBM PS/2 SCSI-2 Adapter/A is an PS/2 MicroChannel Adapter that allows to connect INTERNAL and also EXTERNAL SCSI (max. up to 7) devices.
The adapter use SCSI - ID 7. The to adapter connected devices (external/internal), can use SCSI - ID 0 up to 6. (0 = low (Scanner/CD-ROM) priority / 6 = high priority (Hard Disk) devices)
The total max. SCSI - cable length should not exceed 6-meters (18-ft). If there is any SCSI-Hard Disk connected, then the total max. cable length is limited up to 3 meters (9 feet).

The SCSI-2 Adapter must (should) be installed in the lowest numbered system MC-slot

Passive/Active SCSI Terminating
Some SCSI - Devices have TERMINATING-Resistors integrated, other devices use TERMINATOR-Plugs as an (integrated) part of the SCSI cable. However passive terminating-resistors are normally fully functioning if only  internal or external devices are connected. If there are internal and also  external devices connected you MUST use ACTIVE-Terminating on both ends of the SCSI - cables (internal/external), especially if there are fast Hard-Disks or any other FAST SCSI-2 devices ( => 10MB/s ) connected.

SCSI-2 Adapter/A - TERMPWR and TERMENA Jumper

Adapter-ROM-BIOS Address
The SCSI - Adapter/A occupies memory address space CA000 - CBFF (8KB system memory). This memory could not be used by any other in the system installed device.
If the operating system is DOS and there is a EMM386 memory-mgr. installed then be sure that in CONFIG.SYS the following EXCLUDE-statement is available:


How to run the SCSI-2 Diagnostics

  1.  Insert the IBM PS/2 SCSI-2 Adapter/A Diskette in drive A
  2.  Power-ON all SCSI (ext.) devices
  3.  Power-ON the system
  4.  Select the Diagnostic and press Enter
  5.  Select TEST the SCSI - Subsystem and press Enter
     If there is a message ADAPTER not FOUND then
  6.  Select the SCSI Adapter/A and press Enter
  7.  Be sure all installed SCSI devices are listed
  8.  For EXIT the SCSI - diagnose press ESC
  9.  Remove the Diagnose diskette from drive A

For a more detailed Error Description see Devices List and also Missing SCSI Device

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