IBM ISDN Interface Coprocessor (AT-Bus)

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IBM ISDN Interface Coprocessor.
The ISDN Interface Coprocessor has:

ISDN Attachment Cable (Standard)

P1 Conn Standard Germany Swiss Lead # P1 Signal Name
1 1 1 A3 Not Connected  
2 2 2 B3 Not Connected  
3 3 6 A1 1T Transmit +
4 4 3 B2 2T Receive +
5 5 4 A2 2 Receive -
6 6 5 B1 1 Transmit -
7 7 7 - Not Connected  
8 8 8 - Not Connected  

Adapter Card DIP-Switch setting

DIP switch settings for I/O and memory

S1 S2 S3 S4 I/O address Memory address
ON ON ON ON 02A0h-02A7h 0C0000h-0C1FFFh
ON ON ON Off 06A0h-06A7h 0C2000h-0C3FFFh
ON ON Off ON 0AA0h-0AA7h 0C4000h-0C5FFFh
ON ON Off Off 0EA0h-0EA7h 0C6000h-0C7FFFh
ON Off ON ON 12A0h-12A7h 0C8000h-0C9FFFh
ON Off ON Off 16A0h-16A7h 0CA000h-0CBFFFh
ON Off Off ON 1AA0h-1AA7h 0CC000h-0CDFFFh
ON Off Off Off 1EA0h-1EA7h 0CE000h-0CFFFFh
Off ON ON ON 22A0h-22A7h 0D0000h-0D1FFFh
Off ON ON Off 26A0h-26A7h 0D2000h-0D3FFFh
Off ON Off ON 2AA0h-2AA7h 0D4000h-0D5FFFh
Off ON Off Off 2EA0h-2EA7h 0D6000h-0D7FFFh
Off Off ON ON 32A0h-32A7h 0D8000h-0D9FFFh
Off Off ON Off 36A0h-36A7h 0DA000h-0DBFFFh
Off Off Off ON 3AA0h-3AA7h 0DC000h-0DDFFFh
Off Off Off Off 3EA0h-3EA7h 0DE000h-0DFFFFh

DIP switch settings for interrupts / data bus size

S5 S6 S7 S8 Interrupt
-- ON ON ON 3
-- ON ON Off 4
-- ON Off ON 7
-- ON Off Off 2 or 9
-- Off ON ON 10
-- Off ON Off 11
-- Off Off ON 12 (do not use)
-- Off Off Off 15
ON       16-Bit data bus
Off       8-Bit data bus

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