IBM Ultrastar ES 2.16GB Fast SCSI-2 Hard Disk Drive

FRU-P/N 07H1118
MFG-P/N 85G3661

The SCSI Hard Disk is shipped with 4x screw and a Multi-Language User's Guide P/N 8134362

Setting the Jumper (1-12) (Jumper = installed)

  1.   Reserved
  2.  SCSI ID bit 2
  3.  SCSI ID bit 1
  4.  SCSI ID bit 0
  5.  Disable auto spin up
  6.  Enable termination and provide terminator power
  7.  Disable unit attention
  8.   Reserved
  9.  Auto start delay
  10.  Delay start 6/12
  11.  Disable SCSI parity
  12.  Connecting drive activity LED

Terminating the SCSI Bus and Providing Terminator Power (Jumper # 6)

ENABLE  termination if this drive:

Do NOT ENABLE  termination if this drive:

Enabling Auto Start Delay and Delay Start 6/12 (Optional) (Jumper #9 / #10)

If you place a jumper in position #5 to disable autom.-spin up, the SCSI controller ignores the jumpers for delaying the autom. start (pos. 9 and 10).

You can delay the autom. spin up of the SCSI hard disk drive when the device draws power supply current. Using this option, the hard disk drive delays spin upby a period of time multiplied by the SCSI address. You control wheter the period of time is 6 or 12 seconds for this calculation.

Disabling Unit Attention Conditions (Optional) (Jumper #7)

Skip this step if the SCSI controller wants the hard disk drive to build unit attention information. The default setting is unit attention enabled, no jumper in 7.

If you place a jumper in pos.-7 the drive will not enter a unit attention condition for commands immediately following power-on of the computer, or SCSI bus reset.

Connecting a Drive Activity LED (Position #12)

The upper pin supplies +5Vdc to the (anode) LED. Be sure that the LED you select can handle a current of appr. 8mA.

Setting the SCSI ID

SCSI ID 2 3 4
6 X X  
5 X   X
4 X    
3   X X
2   X  
1     X

Technical Specification

Formatted capacity 2.16GB

Number of disks 3

Number of heads 5

Number of cylinders 2149

Number of sectors/track 99 inner diameter

148 outer --"--

Track density 7056 tracks/inch (TPI)

Areal density 731MB per square/inch max.

Recording density 103.6 K-bit/inch (BPI) max.

Disk type Thin film

Head type Magnetoresistive (MR)

Physical Dimensions

Length 146.0 mm (5.75 Inch)

Height 25.4 mm (1.00 Inch)

Width 101.6 mm (4.00 Inch)

Weight 0.57 kg (1.3 lbs)


Data transfer rate

Sustained 3.85 - 5.75 MB

SCSI (Instantaneous) 10MB / sec (synchronous)

Media (Instantaneous) 5.93 - 8.95 MB

Seek time Average read 8.5 ms

write 9.5 ms

Rotational speed 5400 RPM

Buffer size 448KB

Power Requirements

+5 Vdc idle 0.3 Amp

+12 Vdc idle 0.2 Amp

+12 Vdc startup 1.1 Amp

idle power 3.9 Watt

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