IBM PS/2 Cached Processor Option for Mod. 56/57

IBM PS/2 Cached Processor Option for Mod 56/57

      FRU P/N xxxxxxx
      MKT P/N xxxxxxx

This Processor Option is designed to be installed by IBM trained service personnel.

The upgrade kit contain:

Installing the Processor Option

  1.  Insert the new Reference Diskette into the default drive (usually drive A)  and restart the computer by pressing and holding Ctrl + Alt then pressing Del and releasing all keys.
  2.  At the Main Menu of the Reference Diskette select Backup/Restore system programs
  3.  Select Restore the System Partition and carefully follow the instructions on the screen.
  4.  When the Main Menu appears... then Copying the Option Files
    1.  Remove the new Reference Diskette from the default drive.
    2.  Restart the computer (Power off and power on)
    3.  Wait until the self test finish (computer beep). Press and hold Ctrl + Alt then press Del and release the keys.  When the cursor moves to the top right corner of the screen, press and hold Ctrl + Alt then press Ins and release the keys.
    4.  If you have a backup copy of the System Partition, continue with Step E otherwise continue with Step F.
    5.  Select Copy an option diskette from the Main Menu. When the Insert your option diskette message appears, insert the backup copy  of the System Partition and follow the instruction on the screen. When finished goto Step G.
    6.  When the Main Menu appear, select Copy an option diskette and follow the instructions on the screen.  Repeat the procedure with each option diskette until all option diskettes have been reinstalled.
    7.  You have completed the system programs updating process. Continue with Hardware Installation.

Hardware Installation

  1.  If the system contains a math coprocessor, it must be removed before installing the Cached Processor Option.
  2.  If the system have the math coprocessor socket installed in a socket on the system board, then remove this socket.
  3.  Install the Processor Option on the system board (as shown in picture).
  4.  If a math coprocessor was removed from the system board, reinstall it on the Cached Processor Option board.
  5.  The system must be reconfigured after installing an option. To set the configuration, do the following.
    1.  Power on the computer (an error code of 169 is expected)
    2.  Select NO when prompted Automatically configure the system ?
    3.  Select Set Configuration from the Main Menu.  Then Select Set and view SCSI device configuration and after this selection press twice F3 to exit to Main Menu.  You have completed the hardware installation.

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