IBM PS/2 Enh. 80386 Memory Exp. Adapter

FRU P/N 87F9916 IBM PS/2 Enh. 80386 Memory Exp. Adapter

For Memory SIMM see >> PS/1 PS/2 PC Memory Reference
Please see -> ECA# 042 <- Enhanced Memory Expansion Option.

IBM PS/2 Enhanced 80386 Memory Expansion Adapter

The Option Package contain: 

The IBM PS/2 Enhanced 80386 Memory Expansion Option is a 32 bit option card that can be installed in any 32 bit 80386 based PS/2.

A minimum of 2MB of system memory must be installed on this option, to operate.

MCA Configuration This option must be configured, the way PS/2 adapters are normally configured. (Each time you add/remove/change memory SIMMs on this adapter, you must run SETUP).

Diskette Driver Installation If the System is being started from a diskette under operating system DOS then you should prepare this startable diskette as follows:
  1.  Insert your system diskette into drive A and power on the system unit.
  2.  Remove the system diskette and insert the Option diskette into drive A.
  3.  Go to the section below which describes your diskette drive setup.
  4.  When the prompt (A>) appears, the driver installation is complete. The DOSMEMDD.SYS file  has been copied to the system diskette and the CONFIG.SYS file has been updated or created to invoke the  diskette driver when you start the system.

To use the Enhanced 80386 memory as DOS 4.0 expanded memory, XMAEM.SYS must be copied to a different file. To do so:
  1.  At the (A>) prompt, enter: COPY [d:][path]XMAEM.SYS [d:][path]XMAEME.SYS
  2.  In the CONFIG.SYS file on the system diskette, change the following statement:  DEVICE=[d:][path]XMAEM.SYS to DEVICE=[d:][path]XMAEME.SYS This must be the second  statement in CONFIG.SYS 

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