IBM 0275-001 Color (EPP-port) Flatbed Scanner

Color Flatbed Scanner connected to EPP-port (M/T-0275 Model-001)


                   FRU P/N
  Scanner FRU      01K1227
  Power Adapter    01K1075
  Scanner Cable    02K3367
                   OPT P/N
  U.S.A            04K0061
  EMEA             01K1229
  Swiss            01K1230
  U.K.             01K1231
  Italy            01K1232
  Denmark          01K1233
  South Afrika     01K1234


Installation Information 
Industry-standard systems    IBM Personal Computer, Aptiva or IBM-compatible, minimum 486 DX processor,
     16 MB RAM, 2MB hard disk drive space to load scanner drivers, 94 MB hard disk
     drive space to load applications, enhanced parallel port, CD-ROM drive
Software/operating systems    Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 to operate scanner drivers,
     Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 to operate Xerox Pagis and Adobe PhotoDeluxe
Connectors/cables    Scanner cable (EPP port to scanner)


Try the following for problems specific to the scanner.

Scanner Problem Solving Tips 

Symptom    Solution
   No scan image on  
   the monitor    Check the power and attachment cables.
   Scanner scans very slowly.    ° Make sure the resolution of the scanner is not set too high.
      A range between 75-200 should work fine.
     ° Set the Parallel Port Mode inside computer's BIOS to EPP
      (enhanced parallel port).
   No scanner power    Check for proper attachment of the scanner and the scanner cables.
   Cannot print to printer    ° Check that the printer cable is properly secured to the printer and scanner.
     ° Make sure printer is turned on.
     ° Turn off the computer and the printer.
      Make sure that the scanner is plugged into a constant power source
      (leave scanner on at all times).
      Turn the computer on and enter Windows. Once inside Windows turn on
      the printer and try printing a document.
   Scanner does not respond    ° Reset the computer (turn it off and on).
     ° Enter the Scanner Utility to verify the printer port settings.
   Poor quality scan image    Check the Windows display setting. The standard display supports 16 colors.
   on the screen    If you need more colors, install a video driver.
   Vertical lines in the    Clean the scanning glass and recheck the image.
   scan image  
   The image is too dark    Check the contrast and brightness settings on the TWAIN driver.
   or too light    Normally both contrast and brightness are set to fifty.
   Scanner does not respond    Reset the computer (turn it off and on).
   The scanned image is    Check the software brightness adjustment.
   solid black  
   Scanner does not emit    Unplug the power cable from the rear of the scanner and open the scanner lid.
   any light.    Looking at the front of the scanner while the lid is open plug the
     power cable back into the scanner. If the light turns on and off quickly,
     the scanner is working properly.
   Action Manager does not    ° If you have a printer connected to the scanner, it can cause the Action Manager
   pop-up after pressing the     access button not to work.
   scanner access button.     Disconnect printer cable from scanner and press access button.
   (Windows 3.X)    ° Make sure Action Manager is open. To open Action Manager, enter the Scanner
      Program Group and click on the Action Manager icon.
   Only distorted output prints.    Purchase a shorter printer cable and try it. Sometimes when information has
     to travel a long distance it becomes distorted. Shortening the printer's cable
     can decrease the possibility of information becoming damaged.
   Cannot scan to    ° Look at the Scanner Setup option inside of the application and make sure
   application software     the correct scanner is chosen.
     ° Check all connections and make sure they're secure and correct.
   Unable to find scanner    Check the computer's parallel port to see if it's an EPP by entering
     computer's BIOS. If the parallel port mode is set at ECP or SPP, change to EPP.
     Save and exit BIOS and run Windows.
     Enter the Scanner Utility and click the proper address and EPP. Choose Verify Port.
     If the computer does not support EPP, please purchase an EPP port.
   The scanner light source    The scanner light source is designed to stay on all the time.
   stays on all the time.    To turn off the scanner light, enter the Scanner Utility and choose Lamp Control.
   The computer's mouse,    ° Upgrade printer port, or controller card to an EPP interface.
   keyboard, or floppy drive    ° Enter BIOS and change the printer port to EPP and its address to 278, or 378.
   do not work.  

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