10/20GB NS (TR-5) Internal (IDE, SCSI) Tape Drive

10/20GB NS (TR-5) Internal SCSI, IDE Tape Drive


 Option/Part                  FRU P/N   OPT/PN
 Tape Drive (TR-5 - IDE)      28L1632
 Tape Drive (NS20 TR-5 SCSI)  10L6061   01K1319
 Air speed rail kit                     01K1677  (for PC 300 PL/GL)
 External enclosure                     02K4274
 Data Cartridge (Media)       ???       ???
 Cleaning Tape                ???       16G8583

The Option package contain:

Supported Operating Systems:

The following SW-products can be found on incl. Tape SW CD-ROM 

The 10/20GB NS Tape Drive has read while write data reliability, and is downward read compatible to TR4

Hardware Requirements:

IBM Systems 

Non-IBM SCSI-Systems 

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