Power Systems Checkout (8543)

Power Systems Checkout

NOTE: One or all of the batteries can discharge if there is a short circuit in the computer.
  1.  Replace the failing FRU if the power supply problem is caused by a short circuit.
  2.  Determine if one (or all) of the batteries have become discharged.  Replace a discharged battery with a known-good spare (or recharge the main or standby battery.)

The test procedures for each power supply are found on the following pages.

None of the above? Follow the steps below.

  Yes   No-+002| Go to Step 004
   |       +---+
 Go to 'Testing the AC Adapter'.  If that does not
 correct the problem, replace the system board.
  Yes   No-+005| Go to Step 011
   |       +---+
  Yes   No-+007| Go to Step 010
   |       +---+
 - Run advanced diagnostics for all devices using the AC adapter.
   Use the RUN TEST ONE TIME option.
  Yes   No-+009| Follow the instructions on the screen.
   |       +---+ If the instructions do not appear or do not correct
 +-+-+           the problem, replace the system board.
 Go to 'Testing the Rechargeable Battery'.  If that does
 not correct the problem, replace the system board.
 - Remove the following if installed:
  ° Rechargeable battery
  ° Standby battery
  ° Backup battery
  ° Memory module kits in connectors 1 and 2
  ° Internal Data/Fax Modem adapter
  ° Serial adapter
  ° Numeric keypad
  ° TrackPoint
  ° Mouse
  ° External keyboard
  ° External CRT display
  ° Cables to the hard disk drive
  ° Cables to the diskette drive
  ° Power cable to the LCD
  ° Signal cables to the LCD
 - Connect the AC adapter and power-on the computer.
  Yes   No-+012| Replace the system-status display to verify the fix.
   |       +---+ If the problem still remains, put back the original
 +-+-+           system-status display, then replace the system board.
 - Suspect one of the options or devices.
   Reinstall each of the options or devices to the computer one
   at a time, and power-on the computer to see if the original
   problem occurs.
 - Replace the last installed option or device when the
   problem occurs.

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