FRU Removals and Replacements (8551)

  FRU Removals and Replacements

Follow the numerical sequence in the FRU removal sequence list and the exploded view to remove or disconnect parts in the correct order. The letters in parentheses in the list indicate screw types. See the 'Screw Size Chart', to match the letters to the correct screw type and size before replacing each screw.


Safety 8
Safety 1

  1.  Battery Pack
  2.  LCD Hinge Covers
     (Press down on the hinge cover and slide it forward until the tabs clear the  bezel.)
  3.  Two Screws (T) with Flat Washers
     (At bottom of bezel plate)
  4.  Screen Bezel Plate
  5.  Four Screws (2-T, 2-H)
     (At display corners)
      Upper Right Screen Cable
      Left Center Screen Cable
      Lower Right Screen Cable
  6.  Two Hinge Screws (V) with Flat Washers
     (One on each hinge)
  7.  Screen Sub-Assembly
  8.  Backup and Standby Batteries
     (When installing backup battery, align wires with edge of
     voltage converter. Ensure wires do not extend beyond edge of
     voltage converter or they might be damaged when you replace bottom
  9.  Five Screws (4-E, 1-V)
     (On bottom cover)
  10.  Bottom Cover
      Ribbon Cable from Diskette Drive
      Battery Cable
      Voltage Converter Cable
  11.  Keyboard Cables
  12.  Three Voltage Converter Screws (2-H, 1-T)
  13.  Voltage Converter
     (Voltage converter consists of three boards. Gently lift voltage
     converter up to unplug two connectors from system board.)
  14.  Four Diskette Drive Cables
     (These cables are very fragile. Be very careful when disconnecting them.)
    Four Diskette Drive Screws (H)
  15.  Diskette Drive
  16.  Speaker
  17.  Two Battery Bracket Screws (B)
  18.  Battery Bracket
  19.  Two Hard Disk Drive Cables
     (These cables are very fragile. Be very careful when disconnecting them.)
    Two Hard Disk Drive Screws (H)
  20.  Hard Disk Drive
     (Have customer backup all information on hard disk drive before
     removal. When replacing hard disk drive, use customer's
     backup Reference Diskette to restore system partition.)
  21.  Upper Left System Board Cable
    Six System Board Screws (2-L, 4-H)
      Lower Left System Board Cable
      Upper Left System Board Cable
      Upper Right System Board Cable
      Two Cables, System Board Top Edge
  22.  Two Screws (T) and Keyboard Control Card
     (When replacing keyboard control card, make sure that switch setting
     on card is correct for type of keyboard used.)
  23.  System Board
     (Run Automatic Configuration and set time and date.)
  24.  Two Battery Connector Card Screws (H)
  25.  Battery Connector Card
  26.  Six Keyboard Screws (H)
     (Four front and two rear keyboard assembly screws. Two rear screws are
     located in line with two battery connector card screws.)
  27.  Two Speaker Bracket Screws (B)
  28.  Speaker Bracket
  29.  Keyboard Assembly
  30.  Three PC Board Screws (H)
  31.  Rear Panel PC Board

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