Parts Listing (8554)

System Unit

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Index    FRU P/N
1 Frame, Keyboard    07G1393
2 Bezel, LCD    07G1391
3 LCD Panel    48G9999
4 Cover, LCD Rear    07G1392
    Cable, LCD    07G1384
5 Speaker    07G1229
6 Indicator Card    07G1375
    Support, Indicator Card    07G1398
7 Top Cover    07G1390
8 Trackball Assembly    1397752
9 Guide, Modem    07G1378
   Bracket, Modem    07G1408
10 Hinge, Support    07G1407
   Hinge, Left    07G1403
   Hinge, Right    07G1404
11 Cover, I/O Connectors    07G1394
12 Cover, Option Slot    07G1395
   Cover, Math Coprocessor    07G1429
13 Backup Battery, Lithium    35G2282
14 Diskette Drive Assembly    72X6074
   Bracket, Diskette Drive    07G1405
   Cable, Diskette Drive    07G1379
15 Lid Switch    07G1386
16 Hard Disk Drive, 80MB    95F4708
   Bracket, Hard Disk Drive    07G1406
   Cable, Hard Disk Drive    07G1380
17 Bottom Cover    07G1389
18 Keyboard Control Card    1397751
19 Voltage Converter  
   (remove EMI-shield from the card  
   (DC-adapter connector)  
   and install on new card).    07G1373
20 2MB IC DRAM Card    07G1414
   4MB IC DRAM Card    07G1415
   8MB IC DRAM Card    07G1416
21 Regulator    06G9536
22 Connector, IC DRAM Card    07G1377
23 Memory Module Kit, System Board    07G1879
24 System Board    07G1371
   NOTE: On system board EC  
   level C81806A, J2 and J12 have been removed,  
   and the cable between J2 and Voltage Converter  
   (index 19) is not used.  
   System Board Dew Sensor    35G2319
25 Switch, Communications Cartridge    07G1385
26 Display Control Card    07G1372
27 I/O Panel Assembly    07G1374
   Bracket, Connector  
   (includes slide and connector screws)    07G1402
   Serial Connector Assembly    07G1426
   Battery Pack, Rechargeable, HHR140A    07G1413
   For Benelux    06G8433
   For Nordic countries    06G8434
   For Switzerland    06G8432
   Battery Pack, Rechargeable, HHR150A    06G9259
   For Switzerland    06G9264
   Holder, Battery Pack    07G1376
   Sensor, Thermal    07G1387
   Slide, Brightness/Contrast    07G1399
   Slide, Power Switch    07G1400
   Slide, Volume Control    07G1401
   Foot, Left    07G1396
   Foot, Right    07G1397
   Cable, 50-Pin  
   (voltage converter to system board)    07G1382
   Cable, 4-Pin  
   (voltage converter to system board)    07G1383
Communications Adapters: 
   Serial Adapter    79F6840
   Data/Fax Modem Adapter  
   (U.S., Canada only)    53G7772
   High-Speed Data/Fax Modem  
   (U.S., Canada only)    92F0288
   Telephone Cable    94X1540
   Miscellaneous Kit    07G1409
   Miscellaneous Kit, LCD    07G1410
   Screw Kit    07G1411

Options and Adapters

   AC Adapter, CVCC, World Trade    06G8457
   for Japan    06G8462
   for U.S./Canada    06G8452
   AC Adapter, CT  
   for Japan    35G2285
   for U.S./Canada    07G1412
   Communications Cartridge    07G3999
   External Battery Pack    34G9869
   Battery Pack Cable (for 34G9869)    34G9870
   FaxConcentrator Adapter/A    94X2540
   FaxConcentrator Adapter/A Cable    94X2527
   Miniature Mouse    95F5723
   Strap    07G1449
   Trackball Cable    07G1381


   French    1397927
   German    1397926
   Italian    1397928
   Japanese    1398299
   Spanish    1397929
   U.K. English    1397925
   U.S. English    1397750
   Cable, Keyboard    07G1381

Numeric Keypad Numeric Keypad

   French    95F6313
   German    95F6314
   Italian    95F6316
   Spanish    95F6315
   U.K. English    95F5741
   U.S. English    95F5741

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