Symptom-to-FRU Index (8573)

Symptom-to-FRU Index

Error symptoms and the FRUs that might be responsible for the failure are listed in the Symptom-To-FRU index . The most-likely failing FRU is listed first.

If the computer displays an error message and gives an incorrect audio response, start with the FRUs listed for that error message. An X in an error message can be any number.

  1.  Before replacing any SCSI devices, verify that there are no duplicate  SCSI ID settings.
  2.  If you are unable to find an error message,  you have an IBM device with its own service manual or a device not supported by  the advanced diagnostic tests. Refer to the manual for that device.

  SLOT 1 designates the logical position for the SCSI adapter built into the system board which controls the internal and external SCSI devices.

If you are instructed to replace the SCSI adapter in slot 1, replace the system board. 

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