Parts Listing (2615)

Parts Listing
System Unit (300)

Index    FRU P/N
1 Top Cover Assembly, Monochrome    33G9301
    Top Cover Assembly, Color    33G9320
   2 Power Cord, US    6952301
   Power Cord, UK    14F0033
   Power Cord, Switzerland    14F0051
   Power Cord, Europe    13F9979
   3 A.C. Power Cube    33G6490
   4 System Board, Monochrome (US)    33G9297
   System Board, Color (US)    33G9487
   System Board, Monochrome (Europe)    33G9488
   System Board, Color (Europe)    33G9489
   2MB Memory Module    33G9310
   8MB Memory Module    33G9311
   5 Video/Power Board    33G9296
   8 Parts Pack, Cover    33G9302
   9 Bottom Cover Assembly    33G9305
   10 Battery Pack    33G9298
   11 Backup Battery    33G9295
   Speaker    33G9475
   Parts Package, Screws    33G9303
   Parts Package, Covers    33G9302
   12 See Keyboards (300)  

DASD (300)

Index    FRU P/N
6 80MB Hard Disk Drive    33G9306
   120MB Hard Disk Drive    33G9307
   7 Diskette Drive    33G9304

Options and Adapters (300)

   FRU P/N
   AC Adapter, Power Cube    33G6490
   Charging Cradle    33G9312
   NiMH Battery    33G9298
   Port Replicator (standard)    33G9313
   Ethernet Adapter (thin)    33G9308
   Ethernet Adapter (twisted pair)    33G9309
   Modem, 2400 BPS, US    92F8846
   Fax/Modem, US    92F8896
   Fax/Modem, Worldwide    33G6293
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, US    92F8847
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, UK    92F8848
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, Danish    92F8849
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, French    92F8850
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, German    92F8851
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, Italian    92F8852
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, Norwegian    92F8853
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, Spanish    92F8854
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, Swedish    92F8855
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, Swiss    92F8856
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, Australia    33G9284
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, New Zealand    33G9387
   Fax/Modem DAA Adapter, Latin America    92F9288
   BIOS Update Diskette    33G9490

Keyboards (300)

Country    FRU P/N
   Belgian    33G9423
   Canadian    33G9422
   Danish    33G9424
   Dutch    33G9425
   French    33G9324
   German    33G9317
   Italian    33G9318
   Latin America Spanish    33G9431
   Norwegian    33G9426
   Portuguese    33G9427
   Spanish    33G9319
   Swedish/Finnish    33G9428
   Swiss    33G9430
   U.K. English    33G9316
   U.S. English    33G9315
   Numeric Keypad    33G9314


   FRU P/N
   Tri-Connector Wrap Plug    72X8546
   PC Test Card    35G4703
   Audio Wrap Cable    66G5180
   Screwdriver Kit    95F3598

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