Loading the Diagnostics (2604)

Loading the Diagnostics

To start advanced diagnostics from the Advanced Diagnostics diskette, do the following.
  1.  Insert the Advanced Diagnostics diskette into the diskette drive.
  2.  Power-on all external devices.
  3.  Power-on the computer. (The advanced diagnostics program will load  from the diskette drive.)

To start advanced diagnostics from the hard disk drive, do the following.
  1.  Power-on all external devices.
  2.  Power-on the computer.

    NOTE: Some programs cause the diagnostic tests to give inaccurate results.  The following steps prevent these programs  from being loaded into memory while starting the advanced diagnostics.

  3.  When the message Starting PC DOS appears,
      press F5.

  4.  When the DOS prompt appears, type cd c:\thinkpad\diags  

  5.  Press Enter.

  6.  Type command  

  7.  Press Enter to start the advanced diagnostics program.

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