Utilities (2604)


The system is configured with several utility programs. These programs provide added function that enhances the usability of the system. These programs should be backed up to prevent loss of data. Use the Diskette factory in Microsoft Windows to make a backup copy of the Advanced Diagnostics diskette. The utility programs are:

SIMUL Allows you to enable/disable simultaneous display on both the LCD and external monitor.

NOTE: The computer does not enter Suspend/Resume while in the Simultaneous mode. You must exit Simultaneous mode before Suspend/Resume is allowed. Also, the Func + F7 function is not recognized until you exit the Simultaneous mode.

EPP2 Provides Enhanced Parallel Port Utility. This utility needs to be added to the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS if the option attached to the parallel port supports the enhanced parallel port mode.

PHDISK Prepares the hard disk drive for the hibernation feature, including formatting and the marking of defective areas. A partition is reserved on the hard disk drive to save data before the computer enters Hibernation mode.

  Running this utility causes loss of data on the hard disk drive. It is important that the customer backup all data prior to using this utility.

Run the PHDISK utility if you change the operating environment, reformat the hard disk drive, or add additional memory.

PCMCIA Drivers IBM2SS01.SYS and PCMCIA.SYS provide the ability to use PCMCIA cards in an OS/2 environment.

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