General Checkout (3550-001)

General Checkout

The diagnostic tests are intended to test only  IBM products. Non-IBM products, prototype cards, or modified options can give false errors and invalid system responses.

Overall Procedures
  1.  Test the computer alone,  to make sure there is not a problem with the computer  before testing it with the 3550 Expansion Unit. If there is a problem with the  computer, solve it first. Then, test the computer with the 3550 Expansion Unit.
  2.  Have the external keyboard, mouse, parallel, and serial devices  connected to the computer and test the computer. If no problem exists,  connect them to the 3550 Expansion Unit and test the 3550 Expansion Unit with the computer installed.
  3.  When testing the 3550 Expansion Unit, use the Diagnostic Diskette supplied  with the 3550 Expansion Unit.

    1.  Because the serial and parallel ports on the computer are  covered by the 3550 Expansion Unit, when the computer is installed on the 3550 Expansion Unit,  answer “No“ when you are asked if a wrap plug is used.
    2.  Test the status indicators  on the 3550 Expansion Unit by using  the system status indicator test of the computer. The corresponding  indicators on the 3550 Expansion Unit turn on and off in the test, except for the  power-on indicator. This power-on indicator does not turn off  due to hardware restriction.

  4.  If the user did not bring the computer with the 3550 Expansion Unit,  use a properly working computer with the 3550 Expansion Unit.
  5.  If the diagnostics of the following SCSI devices fail or stop,  suspect that the diagnostic programs are down level  before replacing SCSI devices.

To continue the diagnostics of other devices, remove these SCSI devices from the installed device list before starting diagnostics.


  - Power-off the 3550 Expansion Unit and all external devices.
  - Remove the computer from the 3550 Expansion Unit.
  - Have the external keyboard, mouse, parallel and
 serial devices connected to the computer.
  - Diagnose and resolve any computer problems first.
  Yes    No-+002| Diagnose and resolve any computer problems first.
 +-+-+      +---+
  - Disconnect the external keyboard, mouse, parallel and serial
    devices from the computer and reconnect them to the 3550 Expansion Unit.
  - Install the computer on the 3550 Expansion Unit again and make sure that
    the computer is firmly connected.
  - Check all cables and power cords.
   1. The mouse or other pointing devices do not work if connected
      to the keyboard connector.
   2. The mouse or other pointing devices do not work if connected
      to the mouse connector on the numeric keypad.
   3. The computer keyboard does not work if an external
      keyboard is connected to the 3550 Expansion Unit.
  - Power-on all external devices.
  - Power-on the 3550 Expansion Unit.
  - Watch the screen for a power-on self test (POST) error code.
 Write down all error codes that are displayed.  (You can press 
 when an error code occurs to hold the code on the screen.
 Press F1 to continue.)
 If the test stops and you cannot continue, go to 'Symptom-to-FRU Index'.
  Yes    No-+004| Go to Step 007.
 +-+-+      +---+
  Yes    No-+006| See the failing external device manual.
 +-+-+      +---+
  Yes    No-+008| Go to Step 16
 +-+-+      +---+
 TO 02470000 190I?
 IMPORTANT:  If your error code is not
 in the range or if it is not followed by a 190I, answer

 NO .
  Yes    No-+010| Go to Step 016
 +-+-+      +---+
  - Restart the system program from:
    ° The system partition on the hard disk of the computer.
    ° The Reference Diskette or the backup copy of the system partition.
  - Ensure that the Enable and Disable settings
 are correct.  If you receive a warning on the screen concerning the
 'Keep' and 'Remove' setting, follow the instructions on the
 screen before continuing.
  Yes   No-+012| Go to 'Symptom-to-FRU Index'.
   |       +---+ Before replacing any SCSI device, check that
 +-+-+           there are no duplicate SCSI ID settings.
  - Restart the computer.
  Yes   No-+014| To run system checkout, or if you suspect another
 +-+-+     +---+ problem, go to Step 016.
 Go to 'Symptom-to-FRU Index'.
  - Set the volume control switch to maximum.
  - Press and hold Ctrl+Alt, then press
    Delete to restart the computer.  Release the keys.
    Closely watch the flashing cursor in the top-left corner of the
    screen, press and hold Ctrl+Alt, then
    press Insert.  You must do this while the cursor is at the
    top-right corner of the screen.  Release the keys.
  - Check for the following responses:
    ° One or two short beeps
    ° Readable instructions or the Main Menu
  Yes   No-+017| Go to the 'Symptom-to-FRU Index'.
   |       +---+    - or -
 +-+-+           If the problem is not corrected, go to
 |018|           'Undetermined Problem'
  - If you are not at the Main Menu, follow the instructions on the
    screen to advance to the Main Menu.
 - If you cannot advance to the Main Menu, go to 'Undetermined Problem'.
  - Press Ctrl+A and run the system
       1. If the external keyboard has incorrect keyboard responses,
          see 'Ext. Keyboard Auxiliary Input Device Checkout'.
       2. If the printer has incorrect printer responses,
          see 'Printer Checkout'
       3. If the image on the external
          display is out of focus, jittering, rolling, changing colors,
          or has unreadable characters, see 'External Display Self-Test'
  Yes   No-+019| Go to 'Checking the Installed Devices List'.
   |       +---+ If the problem is not corrected,
 +-+-+           go to 'Undetermined Problem'.
  - Run the advanced diagnostics tests.
  1. If the test stops and you cannot continue, replace the last device
     being tested.
  2. The following table describes the slot information displayed on the
     screen.  This information is also displayed during the test of
     the 3550 Expansion Unit when the test is successfully completed.
     'n' can be any number greater than '2.'

Slot Number Identified Device
n IBM 3550 Expansion Unit
n+1 Built-in SCSI
n+2 Upper slot
n+3 Lower slot

  Yes   No-+021| Go to Step 023.
 +-+-+     +---+
 Follow the action described on the screen.  If the problem is not
 corrected, go to the 'Symptom-to-FRU Index'.
  Yes   No-+024| If you noticed an error symptom or if you
   |       +---+ received any POST error codes when the computer was
   |             powered-on, go to 'Symptom-to-FRU Index'.
   |                 - or -
   |             If the problem is not corrected,
 +-+-+           go to 'Undetermined Problem'.
 You may have an intermittent problem:
  ° Check for damaged cables or connectors.
  ° Reseat all adapters and devices in the 3550 Expansion Unit,
    and external devices.
  ° Check the power supply fan in the 3550 Expansion Unit and make sure it
    is working properly.
  ° Check the power supply voltages (see 'Power Systems Checkout').
  ° Start an error log and run the tests several times.
 If you did not find a problem, go to 'Undetermined Problem'.

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