SCSI Diagnostics (Dock I / 3545)

SCSI Diagnostics (Dock I)

The SCSI diagnostics help you troubleshoot SCSI adapter and device problems through a series of menus. The diagnostics are provided on the Dock I Option Diskette.

Some SCSI devices might be shipped with diagnostics However, you must use the option diskette shipped with Dock I to test the SCSI controller and SCSI devices.

  1.  In the diagnostics, the built-in SCSI controller is regarded as an  adapter. If the diagnostics detect any adapter problems,  replace the main board of the Dock I.
  2.  If the SCSI devices are not connected to the Dock I, the built-in  SCSI controller is disabled. You cannot run the SCSI diagnostics.

The below procedures summarizes the major steps.

SCSI Diagnostics Utility Program Procedure

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