Replacing a Faulty Drive

Replacing a Faulty Drive

To replace a faulty drive:

NOTE: The hard disk drive indicator light blinks when the drive has failed and needs to be replaced (DDD state only).
  1.  Start the RAID configuration program. See 'Starting the RAID Configuration Program'.

     If the drive failed while the system was powered down, a screen  appears the next time the system is powered on  showing you which drive is defunct.

  2.  If the drive is not damaged (for example, it is not inserted  correctly):

    1.  Power-off the system.
    2.  Correct the problem.

      Make sure that the cables to the power supply and the  SCSI-2 controller are connected correctly. Check the SCSI-2 controller,  and the SCSI-2 connector on the RAID Adapter.

    3.  Remove the diskette or ServerGuide CD from the drive.
    4.  Restart the system.

  3.  If the drive is defective:

    1.  Press Y (Yes) to reconfigure the system.
    2.  Press Ctrl+Alt+Del when instructed to restart  the system.  The Main Menu appears.

       At this point, the drive status indicates DDD.

          Removing the wrong hard disk drive can cause loss of all data in the  array.

    3.  Replace the defunct drive. Refer to 'Removing a Drive from Bank C, D, or E'

    4.  After you have replaced the drive, press Enter.  The system will be reconfigured to include the drive,  and the drive’s  status will change to OFL.
    5.  When you see the configuration  completion message, select Rebuild drive.
    6.  Use the Up Arrow (  )  key or the Down Arrow (  ) key to  highlight  the OFL (offline) drive you want to rebuild, then press Enter.

       The progress of the rebuilding process appears on the screen.

    7.  When the rebuilding process is completed,  press Esc to return to the Main Menu.  The new configuration will be saved  automatically.
    8.  Backup the new configuration (see 'Backing Up the Disk-Array').
    9.  Select Exit to end the RAID configuration program.
    10.  Remove the diskette and press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart the  system.

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