If the screen is rolling, replace the display assembly. If that does not correct the problem, replace the system board.

If the screen is not rolling, do the following to run the display self-test:

  1.  Power-off the computer and display.
  2.  Disconnect the display signal cable.
  3.  Power-on the display.
  4.  Turn the brightness and contrast controls clockwise to their maximum  setting.
  5.  Check for the following conditions:

    NOTE:  The location of the test margin varies with the type of display. The  test margin might be on the top, bottom, or one or both sides.

     If you do not see any test margin on the screen, replace the  display. If there is a test margin on the screen, replace the system board.

    NOTE:  During the first two or three seconds after the display is powered on,  the following might occur while the display synchronizes with the computer.

     A noticeable odor might occur on new displays or displays recently removed  from storage.

     These sounds, display patterns, and odors are normal, do not replace any  parts.

     If you are unable to correct the problem, go to 'Undetermined Problem'

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