It is important that you read and understand the following information, whether you choose to install an operating system that is available in the ServerGuide package or you choose to install your own  operating system.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to install an operating system and take advantage of a wide variety of the latest software for the network environment is to use ServerGuide.

You can install an operating system from ServerGuide or you can install your own  operating system and still use many of the features available on ServerGuide. (For example: you can install NetFinity, which is a LAN systems-management program, run demonstration programs, use the performance-tuning feature, and do much more.) Take the time now to read the information that comes with the ServerGuide package, then return here.

The ServerGuide CDs contain small computer system interface (SCSI) and super video graphics array (SVGA) device drivers that will be installed automatically if you install one of the operating systems from the ServerGuide CD package. However, if you choose to install your own  operating system, you will need to install the SCSI device drivers and the SVGA device drivers. These device drivers are on the diskettes that come with the server. Refer to the README files on the diskettes for installation instructions.

For all disk-array models, a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) diskette is included. Before you install an operating system on a disk-array model, use the configuration programs on the RAID Adapter Option Diskette  to view or change the existing disk-array configuration.

To start the ServerGuide Main CD:
  1.  Locate the ServerGuide CD package and diskettes.
  2.  Press the CD-ROM tray-release button.
  3.  Place the ServerGuide Main CD on the hub,  with the label information facing right.

  4.  Push the CD-ROM tray back into the server.
  5.  Insert the ServerGuide License Diskette into the diskette drive.
  6.  Press the Ctrl+Alt+Del key sequence  to restart the server.

     The ServerGuide logo screen appears,  followed by a language-selection screen.

  7.  Select a language, the Main Menu appears.

  8.  Select Start Here and review the information.

     The README files in the Start Here section of  the ServerGuide Main CD contains  important information about the ServerGuide,  operating systems, and device drivers.  Be sure to review the README  files before you install your operating system.

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