2140, 2142 Type A-2 System Board

  The amplifier card BIOS in the system board must match the amplifier card installed
see -> Amplifier Card BIOS

BT1 Battery

DIMM1 DIMM connector (Bank 1)
DIMM2 DIMM connector (Bank 2)
DIMM3 DIMM connector (Bank 3)

ISA1 ISA 1 connector
ISA2 ISA 2 connector
ISA3 ISA 3 connector

J1A/J1B Mouse/Keyboard connector (top = mouse, bottom = keyboard)
J2 Modem audio-In connector
J3 TV Audio-In connector
J4 Audio amplifier connector
J5 Serial port connector (bottom connector)
J6A/B/C Audio out/in, mic
J7 Monitor connector
J8A/B USB connector (top = USB1, bottom = USB0)
J9 MIDI/Joystick connector (top)
J10 Parallel Port connector (top)
J11 CD/DVD-ROM audio in connector
J13 TV out connector
J14 AC-3 connector
J15 Video feature connector
J16 Fan connector
J17 SO-DIMM socket (video upgrade)
J19 Diskette drive connector
J20 Power connector
J21 Buzzer, on board (Enable = 1-2, Disable = 2-3)
J22 Power switch, Power LED, HDD-LED connector
J23 Media Console connector (Type 2142 only)

J24 Secondary IDE connector
J25 Primary IDE connector
(See -> HDD jumper settings)

JP1 Diskette Write (Enable = 1-2, Disable = 2-3)
JP2 On-Board Video Enable ((Normal = 2-3, Disable = 1-2)
JP3 CMOS, Power-on Password Reset (Normal = 2-3, Clear = 1-2 ???)
JP7 Processor Bus Factor (see table)

PCI1 PCI 1 connector
PCI2 PCI 2 connector
PCI3 PCI 3 connector
KSLOTA1 - (Pentium® II) Processor

Processor Bus Factor - Type A-2 System Board

The Processor speed jumpers are set to the manufacture Type and Model of the Aptiva computer. Changing jumper settings are not supported and might cause system failures.

Pentium® II Jumper 233 MHz 266 MHz
Processor Speed MHz J7 1-2, 5-6 1-2, 3-4

System Memory

The system board support 168-pin 60ns, Gold SDRAM,
64 bit Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM).

Maximum memory supported is 384 MB.

DIMM Identification

168-pin memory DIMMs can usually be identified by the information on the chip modules. (for example, 2Mx64, 60 ns, EDO). To determine the DIMM capacity from the above example, divide 64 bits by 8 bytes and multiply this result by 2M, hence DIMM = 16 MB.

1Mx32 is Non parity and 1Mx36 is Parity memory. DIMMs that are not clearly labeled cannot be identified other than by part number. Consult the DIMM manufacturer documentation to identify DIMMs.

Refresh Rates and Monitor Frequencies

The following table list the max vertical refresh rates for the Type A-2 system board, which contains a ATI-Rage Pro video chip with 2 MB DRAM.

Resolution >
640 x 480 800 x 600 1024 x 768 1280 x 1024
256 85 Hz 85 Hz 85 Hz 75 Hz
64.000 85 Hz 85 Hz 85 Hz 75 Hz
16.000.000 85 Hz 85 Hz 85 Hz 75 Hz

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