16.8-GB EIDE HDD - Jumper/Specifications

  Enhanced IDE Hard Disk Drive User's Guide

16.8GB Enhanced IDE HDD User's Guide Supplement (w/o WARRANTY section!)
(Document U.S.A. 20L0339 (Jun-1998)) 

16.8-GB EIDE HDD - Jumper settings


The IBM Enhanced IDE 16.8 GB Hard Disk Drive offers a choice of jumper configurations, so that the drive will function properly on the widest range of computers.
In some computers, the BIOS will not recognize a hard disk drive reporting more than a 2.1 GB capacity.
The following instructions will help you determine if your system has this kind of BIOS, and what configuration settings your computer requires.
  1.  Locate the jumper configuration settings label on the back of your drive. Use a jumper setting from the  Normal Use set in order for the drive to tell your system that its capacity is 16.8 GB.
  2.  Return to the User's Guide  and follow instructions beginning with Determining Where to Begin in the Installation Guide (Part 2).
  3.  If you follow the steps in the User's Guide, and the configuration-setup program recognizes your drive at its  true capacity, partition and format your drive using instructions given in the Partitioning and Formatting the Drive  section in the User's Guide.
     If the configuration-setup program reports the drive's capacity as smaller  than what it actually is, you must use Disk Manager to access the drive's full capacity.
  4.  If your drive seems to lockup or hang after you restart your system, check the computer's interface and power  supply connections.
     Next, attempt to disable the autodetection facility of your setup software as described in

      Step 1. Solving Problems - in the (paper) User's Guide Appendix B.

     If your drive is still not working correctly and performing the above actions, continue to step 5.

  5.  Your computer may have problems starting up because the setup program in your BIOS cannot correctly  identify your high-capacity drive. Change the configuration jumpers on the drive to the correct selection in the  set titled 2 GB Clip, illustrated above.
     If you need a third jumper for your setting, look for an extra jumper in  a small bag, included in your option package.
     The 2 GB Clip jumper settings allow the BIOS to treat your  drive as a 2.1 GB drive, which prevents BIOS problems when you start the computer.
     Return to the User's Guide as directed in step 2 above and attempt to complete the installation again.
     You will need to use Disk Manager to access your drive's full capacity. If your system still locks up or hangs, refer to

      Step 3. Placing the Call to IBM - in the (paper) User's Guide - Appendix B.


Go directly to the 'Installing DiskGo!' section in the User's Guide.


Read this entire section before returning to the User's Guide.

  OS/2 USERS: This hard drive requires the latest OS/2 device drivers to use its full capacity. Go to the OS/2 Device Driver Web page (OS/2 Device Driver Pak) at


to obtain the OS/2 hard drive updates.

Select OS/2 Component Updates
Select Installation Diskette Updates. Then select Greater than 4.3 GB IDE Hardfile Support.
Next, download the idedasd.exe  file.
(Read helpful instructions  for download instructions.)
Follow all the instructions in the readme  included in the idedasd.exe  file to install the hard drive updates.
Use the diskettes to install the device drivers that allow OS/2 to use the full capacity of your hard disk drive.

Specifications for the 16.8 GB EIDE Hard Disk Drive

 Operating Environment:                Operating / Not Operating
 Shock (11ms)                              10G  /  75G
 Temperature (inside the system)       5°-55°C  /  0-65°C
 Relative humidity (non-condensing)     8%-90%  /  5%-95%
 Vibration                                1.0G  /  2.0G
 Operating / Not Operating
 Power Requirements (all values typical averages):
  +5 V dc idle amps            0.29
 +12 V dc idle amps            0.29
  +5 V dc startup amps         0.70
 +12 V dc startup amps         2.0
 Idle power watts              4.9
 Performance (all values typical averages):
 Read - seek time              8.5 ms
 Write - seek time             9.5 ms
 Rotational speed             5400 RPM
 Buffer size                   512 KB
 Part Numbers:
 Retail option part number    01K1324
 Drive part number            00K4072
 Logical Parameters:
 Number of heads                 16
 Number of cylinders          16383
 Number of sectors per track     63
 Disk Drive Configuration:
 Formatted capacity           16800 MB
 Disk Transfer (Buffer to Host):
 Burst (Max. MB/sec)
 Ultra DMA Mode-2                33
 DMA Mode-2                      16.6
 PIO Mode-4                      16.6
 Sustained (Avg. MB/sec)         6-12

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