ZIP-100 / ZIP-250 - Drive

ZIP-100 / ZIP-250 - Drive - Aptiva 2170, 2171

See > ZIP-100 for Aptiva 2134, 2142, 2176

  -ATTENTION- Either (option) Zip drive may come with the Aptiva machine.
Their front panel buttons, indicators and emergency eject methods may be different.

FRU P/N 01N1970 - 100 MB
FRU P/N 01N1969 - 250 MB


Item Description
Disk Eject Button -
Green Activity Light
Flashes when drive is transferring data or
when inserting or ejecting a disk.

Zip Drive Rear Panel Connectors and Jumpers


  -ATTENTION- Make sure to turn off the power before manual disc eject operation.

Zip Drive Emergency-exit <option>

If for any reason the tray does not eject automatically,
insert and press an eject­bar inside the emergency eject hole to manually eject the tray.
A straightened paper clip with a diameter of 1.2 mm (typical) can be used as an eject-bar.

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