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"Ethernet memory failure" during the loading of the Novell IPX.COM
Floppy drive failures on format / Busmaster
Running Novell netware / installation error - if an ide hard disk
Intermittent hang while running Lotus 1-2-3 version 3.1.
Valuepoint systems may experience a hang / memory conflicts E000 seg.
SCO UNIX will not boot in the display mode
Incorrect video characters on the screen in the 1280x1024 mode
Improper parallel port (LPT1 only) and video operation. The conflicting
A hang condition - data corruption occur
Will not load Windows video device drivers
Loss of standard character font data for the text mode on the screen
Incorrect acoustic specifications in the PS/Valuepoint user's handbook
Wrong colors on the display after system power up
162/163 error after configuration change
162/163 error will occur during the next power on cycle
the disk activity LED may not activate
A system hang or a parity error may result when booting Windows 3.1
A system hang can occur during the loading of the Buslogic adapter rom code
A system hang can occur during network transfers
An incompatibility may occur if an adapter card which was designed to run at iee
No video/poor video from the adapter card
A system hang may occur if a mouse is not attached to the system
The VGA test fails in video diagnostics
Diagnostic failures may occur with 2S/2P boards and cypress 128k cache
The Token Ring network 16/4 adapter II (P/N 03F0215) / more than 16mb memory
The Token Ring network 16/4 adapter II (P/N 03F0215) hang
Valuepoint systems may hang intermittently with the IBM Token Ring network
The Token Ring network 16/4 adapter II (P/N 03F0215) in conjunction with dxmeomod.sys
The VP machines may experience hang conditions when the Token Ring use IRQ 2
Token Ring adapter diags fail intermittently
Data integrity error and 340MB harddisk
An error message stating "32 bit access is not supported" will be displayed
3270 adapters will not run when the jumper pin on J14 is installed
Video will be totally blank or system hangs with the error message "14215
How is the S3 refresh rate under Windows NT changed?
S3 256 color drives will not successfully load when running DSPINSTL
What system fixes where incorporated in the flash code levels 27A, 30A, 31A, 33
SCO UNIX will not install correctly on some Valuepoint machines
6387 Valuepoint machines may fail to recognize an installed 16 bit adapter
What system fixes were incorporated in the FLASH code levels 51a, 53a, 54a ..
Which 5250 adapter is supported in the Valuepoint systems?
A 1712 error may occur when running advanced diagnostics on a 340MB hd
Unsuccessful remote IPL with ISA network adapters
ISA network adapters that use interrupts 9, 10, or 11 will fail to initialize
The upper one third of the display may be corrupted
System hang after installing a Maxtor 170MB or 245MB hard file
Video screen may go blank or the system may hang when installing operating
Adapters errors such as "adapter not found", "PC interrupt not generated"
What are the maximum refresh rates for the Valuepoint monitors?
Is there a way to free up upper memory block segment E000-EFFF
What is the proper setup for the SMC elite 16+ Ethernet card
The IBM 16/4 Token Ring may fail to initialize on a Valuepoint P60/D
What is the current FRU part number for the planar board in the 6381 Si
The configuration utility may show the processor speed to be 66 MHz instead of 60 MHz
POST error 161, 162, or 163 may appear on some Valuepoint 425SX models
OEM adapters designed for a synchronous bus may not function in a Valuepoint
How do i remove a 6387/T system board that has a plastic rivet
Cursor would not move to the finger position when clicking to a DOS full screen
When printing from within wordperfect, word for Windows, and the Windows
Which Token Ring adapter options are recommended for various operating
The diagnostics for the Token Ring network 16/4 adapter and the IBM 16/4 may fail
The power on password on 6381 si models may fail to restrict access
OS/2 does not recognize that Windows 3.1 is on the system
In systems running DEC pathworks and the 3com EtherLink III adapter
DEC Ethernet adapter model de200, DE201, and DE202 may fail
PS/Valuepoint 6381/Si may hang at the Windows logo screen after upgrading
The 527MB IDE hardfile cannot be "unconditionally" low level formatted
Token Ring adapter is installed properly in a pentium based PS/Valuepoint P60/D system
P60/D systems having OS/2 version 2.1 installed by a customer from a shrink..
Cornerstone Imageaccel PC168CI adapter installed may exhibit a system hang condition
The PS/VP may experience intermittent hang conditions when the Token Ring is set to IRQ 2
What is needed and what steps are necessary to install a 3.5" fixed disk
6381-M30 and Hayes Optima 2400 modem
User is unable to install Novell UNIX ware in hard disk of value point systems
Valuepoint 6382/s, 6384/d (except P60/D) and 6387/T were designed to the PCAT bus
OEM (Madge, Ungermann Bass, Thomas Conrad, Cabletron) adapters that are designed for ..
Which Valuepoint disk drive cables are used with which systems and how ..
With the NE2000 Ethernet card plugged in, at IPX/SPX load time (NE2K.COM file)..
Keyboard and mouse lock up when trying to load Windows for workgroups 3.11.
If a video adapter is installed in a PS/VP with a Token Ring adapter set to IRQ2
While using an IBM internal tape backup unit (OS2 tape, PS2 tape .. ) FLASH rom corrupted
The system keyboard and mouse hang when Microsoft Windows is installed
425SX, 433DX, 433DX2 AND 486DX system boards have been printed with incorrect P/N
If Windows NT is installed in the P60/D from floppy diskettes, the installation fails
PS/Valuepoint 6384 P60/D may experience a system hang condition loading Windows-NT
The system hangs when a Windows communication program (cardfile or terminal) is run
OS/2 installation, the install will appear to hang when it is time to reboot OS/2
The device driver for the madge Smart 16/4 ISA client ringnode will fail to load
When using the madge ringnode Token Ring adapter with netware requester under OS/2
Printing problems (lines and words skipped) are encountered / using S3 v2.22 video driver
PS/Valuepoint 6382/S, 6384/D, and 6387/T may experience video adapter init. errors
Continuous beeps / system halted
PS/Valuepoint 6382/S, 6384/D, and 6387/T systems may experience system hang
PS/Valuepoint 6381 and 6384 P60/D systems may experience communication hangs
Which memory SIMMs are supported on 6384 P60/D systems?
PS/Valuepoint 6384/D, 6382/S, and 6387/T 433DX (486 33 MHz) systems / 256KB cache
When a Token Ring adapter is set to IRQ2, opening a WIN-OS/2 session / hang
When running with netware, the network drive on the diskless Valuepoint pint to a:
Customer will see a double key stroke from the keyboard rather than the normal
What steps should be taken when installing LAN support program 1.3x
The IBM fast SCSI-2 adapter fru P/N 92F0330 has been replaced
In the configuration utility, what should the parallel port configuration
If the system boots from a hard-drive, the 2.88 floppy drive will not format
While running diagnostics on 6381 systems with BIOS level L8JT39A, a 588 error
Inconsistent intensity (lighter at the top, darker at the bottom)
PS/Valuepoint 6382/S, 6384/D, and 6387/T systems may experience system hangs
Any multi-scan monitor, including the 6314, 6317, or 6319, may blank out
A PS/VP Ethernet adapter (P/N's 32G4134/6) may encounter TRAP 00D errors
The customer configuration is LAN support program (LSP) v1.31, / Windows
PS/Valuepoint 6381/Si 433DX and 466DX2 models may experience false 198 errors
Which connector must the hard disk be plugged into when installing SCO UNIX
What process should be followed when installing the 5250 card P/N 82G7060
New Valuepoint 6384 system board FRUs may experience 105 errors
Customer is using Windows for workgroups to transfer a large number of files via LAN
Intermittent 162 POST errors may be observed on 6381/Si 466DX2 systems
What are some common problems with the PS/Valuepoint video
Valuepoint 6382/S, 6387/T, and 6384/D (except P60) experience time/date changes
A limited number of 6381/Si systems were shipped with serial ports labeled improperly
The eicon ec/pc communication adapter has an interrupt timing
Greenock field support reported that they could not load NE1000's and Novell
PS/Valuepoint 6384 P60/D systems with a Diamond Stealth 24 ISA adapter
What Windows driver should be used in PS/Valuepoint systems with IDE HD >527MB
Is 128MB of memory supported in PS/Valuepoint P60/D
PS/Valuepoint 6384 P60/D pentium systems with a Matrox MGA PCI/2+
Which memory SIMMs are supported on which Valuepoint systems?
Error stating "no room PC address space for 5250 RAM" with the 5250 adapter inst.
Message "unknown FLASH ID 55AA" or "check jumper 03"
Valuepoint 6382/S, 6387/T, and 6384/D (except P60) running Wordperfect / incorrect chars
What are the microprocessor upgrade jumper positions for the Valuepoint
Customer could not install Novell UNIXware version 1.1 from a CD ROM
A PS/Valuepoint 6382/S, 6384/D or 6387/T may fail to print to a HP DeskJet 500
Hard disk and may experience problems when installing Novell netware
The 3com 3C509 EtherLink III adapter card may fail to initialize in a VP
The use of low density 360KB 5.25" diskettes may fail with "sector not found"
What is the latest S3 805 driver for OS/2?
Customer can not use an IBM 16/4 adapter II 16-bit bus master Token Ring and CD-Rom
The Orchid (manufactured by Sony) CDS 3110 CD-ROM and adapter kit may fail
"sense key 05" and "sense key 24" errors may be displayed while using Future Domain
Customer cannot get the HP DeskJet 500 printer to print when used as a remote printer
Wide area connector (WAC) adapter card diagnostic error
System will not POST with a digi board PC/4 installed in a 6384 425SX (VP")
Many customers are having a great deal of trouble configuring their Sound Blaster 16
Valuepoint systems hang after POST with Future Domain fast SCSI adapter inst.
Tape backup or scanning devices may fail when attached to a Future Domain fast SCSI
3C509 EtherLink III card in slots 2 or 3. adapter diagnostics fail
Video capture and full motion video cards such as the video logic DVA-4000
When using Iconworks for Windows to draw a square, the square borders show incorrect
Using the new 256 color drivers for the Cirrus logic chipset in the 6381 with MS Word
The 3com 3C509TP card hangs certain Windows 3.1 network client server appl.

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