Micro Channel POS @xxxx.ADF - ID/Adapter (7000-FFFF)


If you should have the problem, not to know which adapter is installed in a MC-slot you can try POSID.EXE or a DOS-Bootable diskette which contain QCONFIG.EXE to get the ADF-Number from that Slot. After you know the ADF-Number return to here and find the description for the adapter. (Your Reference/Option diskette must have a file @xxxx.ADF which contains the MC-description for that adapter (xxxx is the ADF-Number)).

  See ADF-part 1 >> 0000-6FFF

ADF POSID#    Company / Adapter Name
   7000    AST Advantage/2 286 0-8M memory adapter
   7001    AST Advantage/2 286 with Dual Serial Port Option
   7002    AST Advantage/2 286 with Serial and Parallel Port Option
   7003    AST RampagePlus 386
   7005    AST RampagePlus/MC 386 Adapter with Serial and Parallel Port Option
   7007    HYPERAM MC 32/16
   7010    Tecmar MicroRAM 386 Multifunction Board
   7011    Tecmar MicroRAM AD Multifunction Board
   7012    Net/One NIUps/TR LAN -or- Ungermann-Bass PC3030 Ethernet Adapter
   7016    BOCA Research Model 50/60 Memory Expansion Board
   701A    TrueScan Version: PS/2 MCA. Calera Recognition Systems Inc.
   7020    Cumulus 2 Meg Expanded/Extended Memory Multifunction Adapter V1.0
   7021    Cumulus 4 Meg Exp/Ext Memory Multifunct. Adapter
   7022    Cumulus 8 Meg Exp/Ext Memory Multifunct. Adapter
   7024    QuadMEG PS8 Extd Memory Multifunction Adapter
   7025    CuRAM 32 Plus Extended Memory Multifunction Adapter
   7025    QuadMEG PS8 Extd Memory Multifunction Adapter
   7026    Cumulus 2400 Baud Internal Modem
   7027    Cumulus CuPORT-SSP 2 Serial 1 Parallel Port Adapter
   7038    MICRON Beyond 70/80 Memory Expansion Adapter
   7046    Alloy IMP8/PS Controller
   7047    Alloy IMP2/PS Controller
   7048    EDSUN Memory board
   7049    Newer Technology 32-bit Memoryzation w/ROM
   7049    EDSUN or PIICEON Memory board
   7049    MICRON Beyond 50/60 Memory board
   7049    RYBS Memory board w/ Rom
   704E    IBM AVC Video Capture Adapter/A

    AVC-PAL FRU  P/N 64F7186     AVC-NTSC FRU P/N 34F2788
    I/O Cable    P/N 64F7187     I/O Cable    P/N 34F2789
    Wrap Cable   P/N 34F2791     Y/C Cable    P/N 34F2790

   704F    Multi-Protocol Communication Adapter/MC
   7050    AST RampagePlus/MC
   7051    AST RampagePlus/MC With I/O Pak/MC-S Option
   7052    AST RampagePlus/MC With I/O Pak/MC-SP Option
   7055    Kofax Image Products Document Processor
   705F    4MB Memory Expansion Card
   7064    AW-RCP (Register Communications Processor)
   7069    Dual Asynchronous Card
   706A    MONOLITHIC SYSTEM JustRAM/8 Memory Board
   706C    Corvette Display
   706D    Aox MicroMASTER 486/386 ADF v1.4
   706E    Aox MicroMASTER 4386 ADF v1.04
   706F    Aox MicroMASTER 386 v1.1
   7071    PACSTOR** SCSI Host Adapter for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
   7074    Video Capture Adapter/A
   707C    JLASER-6
   707E    Irwin 4100MC Controller
   7081    AST Advantage/2 386 with Dual Serial Port Option
   7082    AST Advantage/2 386 with Serial and Parallel Port Option
   7083    AST Advantage/2 386 0-8M memory adapter
   7086    CRi "Coherent Processor" Content Addressable Memory
   708D    SCSI Host Adapter for IBM* PS/2* Computers with Micro Channel* Bus
   708E    Kingston KTM-8000/286 Expansion Memory Adapter
   708F    Kingston KTM-8000/386 Expansion Memory Adapter
   7090    AST-5251/11A Enhanced Adapter
   7091    AST-3270/CoaxIIA Adapter
   7092    AST-CC423/A Adapter
   7093    AST-CC832/A Adapter
   70B0    Intel® Above Board MC32
   70B6    Nokia Data System Adapter Board 8859
   70C0    Zenith Z-LANCard PS/2 BroadBand Network Adapter
   70C3    PS/2 High Speed Comms Adapter
   70C4    Excalibur EXC-1553 PS2/E card
   70C9    Twinax Work StationEmulation Adapter
   70CD    CLI 5250GATE-SDLA COMM Board
   70CE    IBM Video Capture Adapter/A (PAL)
   70D0    Kingston KTM-16000/386 Memory Expansion Adapter
   70D1    Intel® Above Board MC
   70D4    Kingston KTM-609/16 Memory Expansion Adapter
   70D7    AdLib MC Music Synthesizer Adapter
   70D8    RAMXtender MC-16 Memory Expansion Board
   70DC    MC-16A Memory Card
   70DC    Piiceon SR16MCA Memory
   70DE    COMPEX INC. PS/2 ENET16-MC/P Microchannel Adapter
   7125    Micro Channel PIRA
   7130    NCL 600 SCSI Host Adapter
   7151    NE/2-32 Lan Adapter
   7152    Novell Disk Coprocessor Board/2
   7154    NetWare NE/2 NIC
   7154    C-NET 650E/2 Network Adapter
   7180    Parity + Plus** Model P32110
   7181    Parity + Plus** Model P16110
   7188    Mountain QIC-02 Adapter
   71B0    Cumulus CuPORT-P Parallel Port Adapter
   71D0    Kingston 64MB Memory Expansion Adapter
   71D4    Kingston Technology DataCard 16
   7200    SyncLink** Communications Card
   7201    Unified Serial Adapter
   7283    Bit3 MCA Adapter
   72F1    (DAYI) Chinese-Input Interface Card
   72F3    Hyperam MC 32/16 SIMM-MF
   72F6    HYPERTEC Hyperport II
   72F7    ETen Chinese Font Card
   72FC    QIC-02 Tape Adaptor (LCS-6818/II)
   7300    MicroGate SynLink Modem Card
   7321    The Pink Board
   7322    The Super Pink Board
   73EC    AIC HBA SCSI Device Controller
   73FF    OmniTel Encore 2400PS Internal Modem
   7400    MicroGate SV32 Modem - SDLC - 9600bps
   7401    Mountain Computer MACH2 / QIC80 Tape Drive Adapter
   7411    Quadboard PS/Q Multifunction adapter (primary ID)
   7422    Quadboard PS/Q Multifunction adapter (secondary ID)
   7430    Paragon Enhanced 80386 4-16MB Memory Expansion (34F3011)
   7430    Xtend 32MC Micro Channel Mem. Exp. Board
   7491    Tecmar MicroRAM SC Extender Memory Adapter
   74FD    NCR 3421 SCSI Controller
   7520    ALR Micro Channel AT Imbedded Adapter
   7561    Alert Technology Serial Adapter
   75FF    Trantor PS/2 SCSI Host Adapter
   76DA    QUADMEG PS/Q Memory Adapter vR1 .. ENHANCED MODE (primary)
   76DE    QUADMEG PS/Q Memory Adapter vR1 .. ENHANCED MODE (secondary)
   777D    Elite 16/2-386 Memory Expansion Adapter
   777F    Elite 16/2 Memory Expansion Board
   7788    Intel® Above Board 2 Plus
   77DF    RAMBANK-II Memory Expansion Adapter
   77FB    Everex 4 Megabyte Memory Adapter EV-136
   77FF    Alloy HI-2 PC Expansion Bus Interface Card for the PS/2
   7800    RED 8514A Graphics Accelerator, design by ACF REINSA 6amp. EDC
   7803    PS Multiport Adapter
   780C    AD/DA 110 Card for the IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
   781C    C.O.S MCLW VER 4
   781E    Raster Image Processor Mod. CT 5177 for Micro Channel* Architecture
   781E    TELES.S0/MC-Card
   7823    EMA/Extra Memory Adapter
   7825    IB-232-MC16-Ultimate RAM System
   7826    IB-232-MC32-Ultimate RAM System
   7878    PIICEON SR32BI 32 Bit Memory/IO Adapter
   7A7A    Boca Research BOCARAM/2 PLUS Memory Exp.
   7B7F    Legend RAMaster 2/8
   7B7F    PIICEON Inc. SR1632 Memory Card
   7C36    Contex Scanboard
   7CEC    OS/RAM4 Memory Adapter, Capital Equipment Corp.
   7CED    OS/RAM8 Memory Adapter, Capital Equipment Corp.
   7CEE    OS/RAM32 Memory Adapter, Capital Equipment Corp.
   7CEF    OS/RAM32plus Memory Adapter, Capital Equipment Corp.
   7D7F    Orchid Ramquest Extra 16/32 V1.1
   7DDE    Mountain 16 Bit SCSI Host Adapter
   7DF0    SYSGEN PST100 Tape Adapter
   7DF1    SYSGEN PSH200 SCSI Host Adapter
   7E76    Overland Data 9 Track Tape Coupler Model XL/2
   7E7F    ACCULOGIC SIMMply RAM for the PS/2
   7EC0    AccuLogic SIMMply RAM/32
   7EE4    Anchor PS24 Modem Adapter
   7EFF    The COAX Connection
   7F00    Compex inc. PS/2 ANET16MC Micro Channel Adapter
   7F01    ProCom Technology Inc. Micro Channel SCSI Enabler
   7F3F    NCI** 4700 Banking Card/MC**
   7F4C    NCR 53C94 SCSI Controller
   7F4D    NCR 3421 SCSI Controller
   7F4E    NCR SCSI Host Adapter Board
   7F4F    NCR SCSI Host Adapter Board
   7F7D    2400 baud internal modem
   7F7E    ORCHID RamQuest EXTRA
   7F7F    DNA Network 'DNA-II' Adapter -or- SBCA Communications Adapter
   7F8F    TALLGRASS SCSI Adapter
   7F99    DigiChannel 4i or 8i Multiport Serial
   7F9A    RS-422 DigiChannel 4i or 8i (32K Memory Window)
   7F9B    Digi MC/16i Multiport Serial Card
   7F9C    Digi MC/Xem Host Adapter Card
   7F9D    Digi EPC/X Host / SyncPort MC Adapter Card
   7F9E    Digi MC IMAC Adapter Card
   7FAE    XTEND Renaissance Expansion Board
   7FBE    FTG PXL-480 HI-RES Lightpen Board
   7FCE    QUA TECH SmartLynx ESI-1000
   7FCE    Connect Tech Intellicon MC8
   7FD5    The NCI 4700 PCI/MC
   7FD8    Koax 3270 MC Adapter
   7FE9    Digi MCd/4i or MCd/8i Multiport Serial
   7FEA    Digi RS-422 MCd/4i or MCd/8i Multiport Serial
   7FEB    Digi MCd/16i Multiport Serial Card
   7FEB    Advanced Digital PC EXBUS
   7FEC    CSM Inc. SCSI Host Adapter
   7FF7    STB RapidRAM 2/8 Memory Board
   7FF9    IOMEGA PC4 Host Adapter Board
   7FFA    IOMEGA PC48-50 SCSI Host Adapter Board
   7FFE    Micro to Mainframe Product
   8000    AHEAD System VGA Enhancer
   8007    Vermont Microsystems Page Manager/2 Series 7 or Series 12 or Page Manager 100
   8009    Vermont Microsystems COBRA /2
   800D    PIXELWORKS PS/2 Ultra Clipper Graphics Subsystem V1.1
   800F    Microcomp DR-one MultiVGA
   8010    Microeye IC Video Digitiser
   8015    ETAP NEFTIS/20 or ATRIS/20 (A,B)
   8016    ATRIS QUATTRO/20 or ATRIS/20 or NEFTIS/20 Display Adapter
   8023    SPEA - Flash 2
   8025    ELSA XHR Spectra/2 Video-Board
   8025    SPECTRA/2 Video-Board
   8027    ELSA XHR Alpha Video Board
   8028    VideoLogic DVA-4000 for IBM *Micro Channel* Architecture
   8029    Datagraph Pixelstar
   803B    SPEA Graphiti Flash 1-GS/HE or SPEA Graphiti Flash 1-P
   803C    Rasterex (Int.) a.s, AK Graphics Board
   803F    RM High Resolution Monochrome Display Adaptor
   8044    Paradise 8514/A Plus Video Adapter
   8044    Western Digital Imaging PRO MC Video Adapter
   8048    Sigma Designs' L-View
   8051    egs-VGA for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
   8052    Liberty MC Graphics Board
   8053    Rasterex (Int.) a.s. Light Graphics Board
   8054    GS80B for IBM* PS/2* Computers with Micro Channel* Architecture
   8055    GS16B for IBM* PS/2* Computers with Micro Channel* Architecture
   8057    Microeye Video Output Board
   8058    Frame Buffer and H.R. Monitor Mod. CT 820 for Micro Channel* Bus
   8060    High Resolution Graphic Board
   8065    Videogenesis/24**
   8067    TV Tuner for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
   8069    miroMAGIC Graphikcontroller
   8077    Periscope 1/MC
   807B    KF-9200 Document Display System
   807F    MICRO DISPLAY SYSTEMS Video Adapter
   807F    MDSI / JURDA 17-Zoll Video Adapter
   8080    Control Systems Artist 10/16 VGA
   8081    Telesensory Systems Inc Vista/2 Adapter for the Visually Impaired
   8085    Truevision TARGA+
   8088    ATI 8514/ULTRA
   8089    ATI Graphics Ultra Video Accelerator (VGA Enabled)
   808A    ATI Graphics Ultra Video Accelerator (VGA Disabled)
   8099    Number Nine Pepper PRO1024 MCA Graphics Adapter
   809A    #9GXi Graphix Coprocessor
   80A5    Cornerstone SinglePage XL Display
   80A6    Cornerstone High Res Adapter
   80A9    Intel® ActionMedia i750 DVI card
   80AB    ATC-1148 Flat Panel Display Adapter
   80AC    PageView** for IBM* PS/2* Computers with Micro Channel* Bus
   80AD    SilverView** for IBM* PS/2* Computers with Micro Channel* Bus
   80AE    Sigma Designs' L-VIEW for the PS/2 with VGA Emulation
   80AF    Cornerstone DualPage Hi-Res Monitor and Adapter
   80B3    IBM M-Motion Video Adapter/A
   80B7    Radius SVGA MultiView
   80C3    ARTIST XJS MC *Graphic Controller*
   80C4    ARTIST TI16 MC *Graphic Controller*
   80C5    ARTIST 10000 MC Series
   80C7    ARTIST 10001 Series
   80C9    SilverView** for IBM* PS/2* Computers with Micro Channel* Bus
   80CA    Sigma Design's Multimode 120
   80CB    Arlunya SC306 Standards Converter
   80CC    Microfield T8/2 High Resolution Graphics Controller
   80E6    RasterOps Colorboard 1024
   80E7    Nth Engine** 330 Display Controller
   80E8    Matrox MG-104/108-M Adapter - Rev 1.0
   80EC    Matrox MGA Video Adapter (V0.02)
   80EE    ILLUM-16/MC Video Graphics Board - REV 1.0
   80F2    Tseng Labs ET4000 VGA Adapter
   80F6    RasterOps ColorBoard 1024MC
   80F8    Matrox PG2-1281 Hi-res Graphics Controller - REV 2.0
   80FC    STB Powergraph Ergo-VGA/MC
   80FD    STB MC/MVP ERGO VGA Adapter
   80FF    GalaGraph MERCURY/2 graphic board
   8102    Colorgraphics Corp. Dual VGA/Micro Channel
   810E    DrawingCard** for IBM* Micro Channel* Architecture
   8110    Radius TPD/PC
   8115    Master Graphics CADcelerator
   8117    SORAC** VideoCapture S0-212
   8118    VGA/PAL-MC Video Conversion Card
   8119    VGA/NTSC-MC Video Conversion Card
   8127    Stone Multivideo Multiuser Terminal Adaptor
   8128    SPEA - HiLite
   812E    NCR 3250/3350 HPG Video Adapter (w/o ROM)
   812F    Laser Video Interface
   8174    Ultra Clipper** Rainbow
   8175    Quad VGA for IBM* Micro Channel* Architectur
   8176    MVGA Multi-VGA Video Adapter
   8207    ADEX ChromaGraph II
   8484    IBM 5080 Serial Link Adapter
   8888    Metaphor WS2XP/MCA
   8DF0    IBM Image Adapter/A Description avail.
   8DF1    IBM Image Adapter/A with Printer/Scanner Option Description avail.
   8DF2    DSS and sub card 2 Description avail.
   8DF3    DSS and sub card 3 Description avail.
   8DF4    IBM Image Adapter/A Description avail.
   8DF5    IBM Image Adapter/A and Printer/Scanner Option Description avail.
   8DF6    IBM Image-I Adapter
   8EE6    SGI Micro-Channel IRISVISION Adapter
   8EF4    IBM FDDI Base Adapter
   8EF5    IBM PS/2 Bus Master Adapter/A for Ethernet Networking
   8EF7    IBM Gearbox Model 800 System Resource Card
   8EF7    ARTIC 960 ADD System Resource
   8EF8    IBM Expansion Unit SCSI Controller
   8EFC    IBM PS/2 SCSI-2 Adapter
   8EFD    IBM 7568 Gearbox Model 800 Cached SCSI Adapter
   8EFE    IBM PS/2 SCSI Adapter (16 bit)
   8EFF    IBM PS/2 SCSI Adapter with Cache (32/16-bit)
   8F70    IBM Realtime Interface Co-Processor Portmaster Adapter/A Description avail.

Do not install next to processor card in Mod. 90 & 95

     ARTIC  Portmaster/A 512KB Adapter  FRU P/N 53F2603
     ARTIC   - '' -  1MB   Adapter  FRU P/N 53F2603
     ARTIC   - '' -  2MB   Adapter  FRU P/N 53F2603
     ARTIC   - '' -  8-Port RS232   FRU P/N 53F2612
     ARTIC   - '' -  8-Port RS422   FRU P/N 53F2615
     ARTIC   - '' -  Surge Protect  FRU P/N 53F2627

   8F82    IBM SCSI-2 Fast/Wide Streaming-RAID Adapter/A
   8F93    IBM PS/h2 ServerGuard Adapter Description avail
   8F9C    IBM FDDI Fiber / Copper MC Base Card /MC
   8F9E    IBM S/390 Microprocessor Complex (P/390)
   8FA0    IBM LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter
   8FA2    IBM Auto LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter
   8FA4    IBM LANStreamer MC 16 Adapter Description avail
   8FA8    IBM EtherStreamer MC32 Adapter
   8FAA    IBM Dual LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter
   8FAB    IBM Dual EtherStreamer MC32 Adapter
   8FBB    IBM SCSI-2 RAID Controller
   8FC4    IBM Personal/370 Processor
   8FC8    IBM Token-Ring 16/4 Busmaster Server Adapter/A
   8FCF    IBM Remote 5250 Adapter/A
   8FD6    IBM Audiovation Adapter/A
   8FD7    IBM PS/2 W4 Adapter/A
   8FD8    IBM XGA Video Adapter
   8FD9    IBM XGA Video Adapter
   8FDA    XGA-2 Display Adapter/A
   8FDB    IBM XGA Video Adapter/A
   8FE0    IBM ISDN Digital Modem
   8FEB    IBM Mwave WindSurfer Communications Adapter
   8FEC    IBM ARTIC960 Co-Processor Platform Adapter
   8FFB    IBM Gearbox Model 800 486 Processor Card
   8FFF    IBM Gearbox Model 800 Processor Card
   901E    IBM DBCS Plasma Display Adapter
   90EE    SVGA Adapter/A
   90EF    IBM Display Adapter
   917A    IBM SVGA-CL28 Adapter
   917B    SVGA Adapter
   917D    IBM Flat Panel Touch Adapter
   917E    IBM Flat Panel Display Adapter
   A980    DVT/EVT Intel® ActionMedia i750 DS1 DVI Adapter
   AA55    IBM Remote Maintenance Processor
   C1FF    IBM Hi Speed Parallel Adapter
   CC06    ELSA XHR Spectra/2 Video-Board
   CCEC    CORnet LAN Interface Adapter
   D77F    IBM 4755 Cryptographic Adapter
   D7D7    ZOT-N200A Microchannel ARCNET Interface
   DBDB    ZOT-N200A Microchannel ARCNET Interface
   DDCD    IBM V.32 Modem/A
   DDDD    ZOT-N200A Microchannel ARCNET Interface
   DDFF    IBM ESDI Fixed Disk Controller
   DE90    IBM 5582 Printer/Scanner Adapter
   DEDE    ZOT-N200A Microchannel ARCNET Interface
   DEFF    IBM Multi-Protocol Communications Adapter
   DF3F    IBM IEEE488 Adapter/A
   DF7F    IBM 3363 Optical Disk Controller
   DF9F    IBM 50-021 to 50Z Integrated Fixed Disk Controller
   DFAF    IBM 4250 Printer Adapter/A
   DFBF    IBM 6157 Streaming Tape Adapter Card
   DFDF    ZOT-N200A Microchannel ARCNET Interface
   DFE8    IBM Integrated Hard Disk and Controller
   DFF4    IBM Wireless LAN Adapter
   DFF6    IBM 3890/XP Interface Adapter
   DFFA    IBM 5.25-inch 1.2M Diskette Drive Adapter
   DFFD    IBM ST506 Fixed Disk Adapter
   E000    IBM Token-Ring Network Adapter/A
   E001    IBM Token-Ring Network 16/4 Adapter/A (AUTO / Trace and Performance)
   E001    COMPEX ReadyLINK(R) TRN 16/4 Adapter
   E00F    Computer Lab International Token Adapter
   E014    IBM S/370 Channel Emulator/A
   E016    IBM 300/1200/2400 Internal Modem/A
   E04E    IBM 3117 High Speed Adapter/A

    High Speed Adapter/A    FRU P/N 65X1900
       (for all PS/2 except 90 & 95)

   E04F    IBM 3119 Scanner Adapter/A
   E1FF    IBM 3270 Connection Version B (Short card)
   E400    Martin Speech Accelerator Card
   E401    IBM Personal Dictation Adapter/A Description avail.
   E7FF    IBM 3270 Connection Version A (Long Card)
   E7FF    Memorex Telex 1472/Uni 3270 MCA Coax Adapter
   E8FC    IBM Infrared Communications Adapter
   E9FF    IBM Expansion Unit Model 002 (Docking Station)
   EA10    IBM Analog Input/Output Card
   EAA8    Engineering Graphics Display (IBM, Internal use only)
   EAFF    IBM 4 port serial adapter
   ECCE    IBM Display Adapter 1.10
   ECEC    IBM Display Adapter 1.00
   ECFF    IBM 5250 Emulation Adapter
   EDAF    IBM P70 Plasma Display controller
   EDD7    IBM RAS Adapter
   EDDE    IBM Japanese OCR Processor Card
   EDFF    IBM PS/2 1200/2400 Internal Modem/A
   EECE    IBM 4684 Device Channel Adapter
   EECF    IBM 4684-300 Device Channel
   EED7    DEKKO2 DUT Card
   EEE7    IBM Model 90 Planar Serial Port
   EEFF    IBM Dual Async Adapter
   EF7F    IBM Display Adapter 8514/A
   EFB0    ISDN/2 Co-Processor Model 2
   EFBF    InfoWindow VGA Control Card
   EFCD    IBM Wide Area Connector
   EFCF    IBM Store Loop Adapter/A
   EFD4    IBM PS/2 Adapter/A for Ethernet Networks
   EFD5    IBM PS/2 Adapter/A for Ethernet Networks
   EFD9    Font ROM
   EFDA    PCMCIA Adapter/A
   EFDC    IBM ActionMedia (TM) II Display Adapter/A
   EFDF    ARCNET controller &: ASTER/2
   EFE0    IBM ISDN Interface Co-Processor /2
   EFE2    FaxConcentrator (TM) Adapter/A
   EFE5    IBM PS/2 Adapter/A for Ethernet Networks
   EFEF    PC Network Adapter
   EFF0    IBM Realtime Interface Co-Processor Multiport/2 or X.25/2
   EFF5    Ungermann-Bass NICps/2 Ethernet LAN Adapter
   EFF6    Personal Pageprinter Adapter/A
   EFFC    X25 Communications Adapter/A
   EFFD    IBM VGA Adapter
   EFFE    Japanese Display Adapter
   F04F    3117 Scanner Adapter/A
   F7F7    2-8MB 80286 Memory Expansion Option
   F7FE    IBM Expanded Memory Adapter
   FA74    370 Technical Workstation
   FAFF    Memory Expansion Adapter
   FCF0    Serial Parallel Adapter
   FCF1    Vision Logic DUAL Serial Adapter
   FCFF    Memory Expansion Adapter
   FDDE    Enhanced 80386 Memory Expansion Adapter w/ ROM
   FDDF    Enhanced 80386 Memory Expansion Adapter
   FE92    Microchannel to MainFrame Connection
   FEFE    IBM 2 MB 16-bit Memory Adapter
   FFE0    IBM LAN Adapter/A for Ethernet
   FFF8    S36/38 Work Station Emulation Adapter

See ADF-part 1 >> 0000-6FFF

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