ROM Operation Mode Switch Setting

  ROM Operation Mode Switch Setting

If the power to your server is interrupted while POST/BIOS is being updated, the server might not restart correctly.
If this happens, perform the following procedure to recover.



If you have not already done so, go to

on the World Wide Web and download the appropriate flash update program. Review the applicable README files, and use this information to create a Flash Utility Diskette .
Perform the POST/BIOS (flash) update procedure (see Remote Administration for additional information).

  1.  Locate the configuration switches

  2.  To set the ROM operation mode to the appropriate value, set switch 5 to

     It might be helpful to use the end of a small screwdriver to set the switch.

      If you change the settings for the wrong switches, you might seriously damage server components or options.

  3.  Move switch 5 to the ON position.
  4.  Insert the Flash Utility Diskette  (POST/BIOS update) into drive A.
  5.  Power-on the server.
  6.  After the update session completes. Power-off the server and remove the diskette from drive A.
  7.  Move switch 5 back to the OFF position.
  8.  Reinstall the cover and reconnect any cables that you disconnected.
  9.  Power-on the server to restart the operating system.
  10.  After changing configuration switch settings, you must reconfigure the server. After reassembling the server (see Completing the Installation),  use the Configuration/Setup Utility program to reconfigure the server. For more information, see Configuration/Setup Utility Program Menus.

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