IBM 12/24 GB DDS-3 4mm Internal (SCSI) Tape Drive

12/24 GB DDS-3 4mm Internal (SCSI) Tape Drive


  Important ! Some functions are duplicated by both, the JUMPER and DIP-Switches. One or the other should be used per function. DO NOT set both locations to the same function. (i.e. If you set dip switch 1 to ON and install a jumper on pins 5-6, the drive will be set to SCSI ID 5).

Jumper 7, 9 and 10 are reserved and should be left in their factory default setting (OFF).

SCSI ID selection (Switch or Jumper)

------- J5-6 J3-4 J1-2
0 Off Off Off
1 Off Off ON
2 Off ON Off
3 Off ON ON
4 ON Off Off
5 ON Off ON
6 ON ON Off

DDS-Pass Through Mode - Hardware Compression settings

DDS-Pass Through Mode (hardware compression) is enabled or disabled by either SW-6 or jumpers 9-10.
The default is DDS pass through mode disabled (SW-6 = OFF, jumpers 9-10 = OFF).
If using the DIP switch to set DDS-Pass Trough mode, remove jumper from pin 9-10.
   SW-6 = ON    enable pass through
     Data Compression disabled.
   SW-6 = OFF    disable pass through
     Data Compression enabled.

Media Recognition and Parity Checking

Media Recognition System (MRS) setting and Parity configuration must be set using the DIP-switches.
The SW-4 switch enables/disables the MRS-mode. The default is MRS disabled (SW-4 = ON).
If MRS is disabled (SW-4 = ON), the drive read/writes to MRS and non-MRS media.
If MRS is enabled (SW-4 = OFF), the drive will write to MRS media only.

The SW-5 enables/disables parity checking. Default parity is disabled (SW-5 = OFF).

Power Specifications

DC Voltage +12 Vdc + 5 Vdc
Voltage Tolerance + or - 10% + or - 7%
Operational Current 250 mA 600 mA
Standby Current 50 mA 550 mA
Peak Current 600 mA 800 mA
Ripple, Peak to Peak <= 100mV <= 100mV
Standby Power Dissipation < 3.3 watts < 2.2 watts
Operating Power Dissipation < 5.5 watts < 5.5 watts


Compressed Data 2.2 MB per second
Uncompressed Data 1.1 MB per second

Environmental Specifications

- Operational Nonoperational
Temperature Range +5°C to +45°C
+41°F to +113°F
-40°C to +65°C
-40°F to +149°F
Relative Humidity
20% to 80% 0% to 90%
Mximum Wet Bulb
26°C (78.8°F) No condensation
Altitude -100m to 4575m
-330ft to
-300m to 15200m
-985ft to

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