IBM DualStor 800 Tape Backup Unit

(DualStor 800 HMM Supplement P/N 44H3333 Form G571-0423-00 Jul-95) 
(DualStor 800 ITBU Users Guide P/N 8133728 / U.K. 1995) 

If you see Tape not installed error messages, and the tape is running in a Windows environment, (diagnose test runs OK) be sure there is no other tape application program loaded in WIN.INI 
(e.g. PCtools tape-backup and DualStor installed under Windows)

On the printed circuit board (inner side) is a 3-position jumper location. Normally there should be no jumper installed.

IBM DualStor 800 Tape Backup Unit (ITBU installed as diskette B-drive)

If a reference diskette is provided with your system, select the option to Copy an Option Diskette  from the main menu and follow the instructions on the screen.
Item    FRU P/N
1 Internal Tape Backup Unit    31H5612
    2 Bezel FRU    31H5619
    3 Bracket FRU    92G5039
    4 Formatted 80MB Tape Mini-cartridge    30F5277
    5 Card Edge Connector and Cable FRU    82G7108
    6 Drive Belt FRU    11H1500
   PS/2 Tape installation Kit    44H3120

The Option Package consists of:

Product Description

The Tape Backup Unit is an internally mounted product that performs harddisk backups and restores for selected models of the following IBM computers.

The following 3.5-inch tape mini cartridges are supported:

Loading Drivers Personal Computer Power Series

The driver for the DualStor 800 Internal Tape Backup Unit is located on the Option Diskette. For instructions on how to load drivers, refer to your operating system documentation.

Windows NT V-3.51 

The Windows NT driver for DualStor 800 Internal Tape Backup Unit is located on the Option Diskette. To load the Windows NT driver for your machine environment, do the following:
  1.  Start Windows NT
  2.  From the Main Group, select the Windows NT setup.
  3.  Select the Options pull-down.
  4.  Select Add/Remove Tape Devices 
  5.  From the Tape Device Setup, select Add 
  6.  From the Device pull-down, select Other 
  7.  Do one of the following:

  8.  From the Select OEM option window select IBM DualStor 800 ITBU v1.00 
  9.  Follow the instructions as they appear on the screen.
  10.  Exit setup and restart the Windows NT system.

Testing the Tape Backup Unit

All Systems Except Personal Computer Power Series 
To test the ITBU, insert the Option Diskette into drive A:, and turn on the computer. Follow the instructions on the screens that appear.

Personal Computer Power Series Systems 
To test the ITBU in the PC Power Series 830/850, do the following:
  1.  Insert the IBM System Management Services Diskette into drive A: and turn on the computer.
  2.  While the power-on screen is present press the F4 key.
  3.  When the System Management Services Screen appears, remove the System Management Services Diskette  and insert the Option Diskette.
  4.  Select item 3, Test the Computer, and press Enter
  5.  When the Select Device to Test screen appears, use the arrow keys to select Test DualStor 800 Internal Tape  Backup Unit. Press the Spacebar to mark it.
  6.  Press the F6 key to start testing and follow the instructions as they appear on the screen.

  1.  A light on the left side of the tape backup unit indicates normal drive activity. The light flickers  whenever a tape cartridge is inserted or removed and when the program accesses the tape to read or write.
  2.  If the backup unit diagnostics run without error, but you still experience problems with backing up or restoring data,  contact the tape software provider.

Cleaning the Read/Write Head

Periodically clean the tape backup unit's read/write head.
It is recommended that the tape unit's read/write head should be cleaned each month or after eight hours of tape use. For information about head-cleaning kits, the local computer supply dealer should be contacted.

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