IBM Wide Area Connector (ISA / MC Adapter)

(IBM Wide Area Connector Install/Testing Instructions P/N 33G8478 U.S.) 

IBM Wide Area Connector (ISA / MC Adapter)
Part    FRU P/N
   Wide Area Adapter MCA (w/o EIB)    33G8453
   Wide Area Adapter ISA (w/o EIB)    33G8454
   EIB RS232    33G8455
   EIB V.35    33G8456
   EIB X.21    33G8457
   EIB RS422    33G8458
   EIB V.35C    73G7214
Part    Option P/N
   Wide Area Adapter MCA RS232    33G8465
   Wide Area Adapter MCA V.35    33G8466
   Wide Area Adapter MCA X.21    33G8467
   Wide Area Adapter MCA RS422    33G8468
   Wide Area Adapter MCA V.35C    73G7216
   Wide Area Adapter ISA RS232    33G8469
   Wide Area Adapter ISA V.35    33G8470
   Wide Area Adapter ISA X.21    33G8471
   Wide Area Adapter ISA RS422    33G8472
   Wide Area Adapter MCA V.35C    73G7217

For Micro Channel machines use only WAC OPTION diskette V-2.20 or higher,
diskette below V-2.20 are defective and should be destroyed.

Operating Requirements

+5 volt 1.7A maximum (maybe a problem with some systems !) consult the system manual.
+12 volt 40mA maximum
-12 volt 40mA maximum
35 BTU/hour Heat Output

Hardware Requirements

The following hardware is required to operate the IBM Wide Area Connector:

In order to operate, the WAC adapter card must be connected to DCE equipment with the cable that is shipped with the IBM Wide Area Connector package or with the EIB  accessory package.

Electrical Interface Board (EIB) Cable Connections

Each EIB is shipped with a cable specific to the interface it supports.

  Incorrectly matching a specific cable to an EIB link connection may cause damage to the WAC adapter card.

EIB-Specific Cable Connections

 EIB             Connector       Cable     Electrical
 (Feature No.)   Type            Length    Specifications

 RS-232D         25 pin D-shell  5 meters  EIA RS-232D
 (33G8416)       ISO 2110                  CCITT V.28
 X.21            15 pin D-shell  5 meters  CCITT V.11
 (33G8463)       ISO 4903                  CCITT X.27
 V.35            34 pin          5 meters  CCITT V.35
 (33G8462)       ISO 2593
 RS-449/422      37 pin D-shell  5 meters  EIA RS-422
 (33G8464)       ISO 4902

Installing the EIB

  1.  If the WAC adapter card has already been installed in the computer system,  you must remove the adapter to install an EIB.
  2.  Place the WAC adapter card on a flat surface
  3.  Orient the keyed EIB above the two rows sockets for the selected link.  Avoid touching the pins of the EIB. Match up the guide arrows  on the WAC adapter card 
  4.  Apply pressure evenly to the edges of the EIB until it has been inserted firmly on the WAC adapter card.
  5.  Affix a label identifying each link connector on the end plate next to the corresponding link connector.

Switch Settings for the ISA WAC Adapter Card
(X = can be ON or OFF)

1 2 3 IRQ used by the WAC Adapter   4 5 6 7 I/O Address Range Used (Hex)
ON ON ON IRQ9   ON ON ON ON 0120h-013Fh
Off ON ON IRQ5   Off ON ON ON 0140h-015Fh
ON Off ON IRQ4   ON Off ON ON 0180h-019Fh
Off Off ON IRQ3   Off Off ON ON 01A0h-01BFh
ON ON Off IRQ15   ON ON Off ON 0220h-023Fh
Off ON Off IRQ14   Off ON Off ON 0240h-025Fh
ON Off Off IRQ11   X Off Off ON 0280h-029Fh
Off Off Off IRQ10   ON ON ON Off 0520h-053Fh
          Off ON ON Off 0540h-055Fh
          ON Off ON Off 0580h-059Fh
          Off Off ON Off 05A0h-05BFh
          ON ON Off Off 0620h-063Fh
          Off ON Off Off 0640h-065Fh
          X Off Off Off 0680h-069Fh


  1.  Power Off the computer system
  2.  Disconnect the EIB-specific cable from the other equipment and install the diagnostic wrap plug.
  3.  Insert the Installation and Diagnostic Diskette  in the driskette drive.
  4.  Power ON the computer system, and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Error Messages
Error No. or Range    Action to Take
6501 to 6537    Replace the EIB, cable, and wrap plug for link A.
   There is an EIB, cable, or wrap  
   plug failure on link A  
6541 to 6577    Replace the EIB, cable, and wrap plug for link B.
   There is an EIB, cable, or wrap  
   plug failure on link B  
6578 to 6599    Take the following actions:
   The WAC adapter card is not 1. An EIB may not be installed properly
   working as expected.     Check to be sure the EIB is in place and the
      EIB-specific cable is connected securely.
  2. There may be a configuration error.
      Verify that the configuration parameters are correct.
  3. If the problem still exists after these actions are taken,
      replace the WAC adapter card.
  4. If the problem persists, run the diagnostics again
      for the computer system to identify the problem.

Software Requirements and Installation

The following software is required to install the OS/2 NDIS device driver for the WAC adapter card.

To install the device driver, follow these steps:
  1.  Start the OS/2 installation programm
  2.  Insert the Installation and Diagnostic Diskette  and follow the instructions  as they appear.
  3.  After you have configured the machine and installed the device driver, exit the installation  program and restart the operating system.

For more information, refer to the procedure for installing device drivers in IBM OS/2 LAN Server Network Administrator Reference  Volume 1

 WAC-RS232 Cable layout  P/N 33G8880
     15-pin conn. (DB-15e male)     25-pin conn. (DB-25-male)
    cover -- GROUND - shield ----   1 - and cover
      1  -------------------------  2
      2  -------------------------  3
      3  -------------------------  17
      4  -------------------------  15
      5  -------------------------  4
      6  -------------------------  25
      7  -------------------------  18
      8  -------------------------  21
      9  -------------------------  24
     10  -------------------------  5
     11  -------------------------  20
     12  -------------------------  6
     13  -------------------------  8
     14  - N.C.
     15  -------------------------  7
 WAC-RS232 Wrap - plug layout (DB-25-female)  P/N 33G8474
      2  ---------------  3
      4  ---------------  5
      6  ---------------  20
      8  ---------------  18
     21  ---------------  25
     15  ---------------  17
     15  ---------------  24

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