Parts Listing

Parts Listing Dock I Unit (3545)
Index    FRU P/N
1 Bottom Cover    66G3555
   For Germany (mica gray)    66G3556
   2 Main Cabinet    66G3560
   Main Cover  
   Main Chassis  
   Rear Cover  
   Bottom Cover  
   Main Cabinet  
   Main Cabinet For Germany (mica gray)    66G3561
   3 Main Board (66G3557)    39H6361
   4 I/O Card    66G3571
   5 Audio Card    66G3588
   6 Speaker Right/Left, Buzzer    66G3570
   7 Power Supply Unit    66G3559
   8 Micro Switch Group    66G3562
   9 Security Feature Group    66G3569
   For Germany (mica gray)    66G3572
   10 Key Lock Assembly    66G3563
   11 LED Assembly    66G3568
   12 Blank Bezel    66G3564
   For Germany (mica gray)    66G3565
   13 Audio Cable Cover    66G3566
   For Germany (mica gray)    66G3567
   Cable Group    66G3572
   Miscellaneous Kit    66G3573
   Black: 5mm (12), 6mm self-tapping (8)  
   8mm self-tapping (8), 5mm slotted (4)  
   brass: 5mm (1), 8mm (1), 8mm self-tapping (3)  
   6mm hex stud (2), 25mm wire router w/ screw loop  

Options and Adapters
   FRU P/N
   3278/3279 Emulation Adapter    53F6424
   Enhanced 5250 Emulation Adapter    30F5384
   PC Network Adapter    8286171
   PC Network Adapter Cable    8286172
   PC Network Adapter II    72X8105
   PC Network Baseband Adapter    72X8101
   SDLC Adapter    8286099
   Communication Adapter Cable    8529274
   Serial/Parallel Adapter    8286147
   Printer Cable    8529214
   Serial Adapter Cable    8286170
   Serial Adapter Connector    8286194
   Token Ring Adapter    16F0463
   Token Ring Adapter with RIPL    83X7839
   Token Ring 16/4 Adapter    93F0334
   Token Ring RIPL (module, for 93F0334)    25F8887
   Action Media II Display Adapter    69F9731
   Action Media II Capture Option    69F9735
   Action Media II Video Cable    69F9737
   Action Media II Audio/Video Capture Cable    69F9736
   Action Media II Display CD-ROM Cable    69F9747
   LAN Adapter for Ethernet    92F0045
   Video Connector/Cable    66F3583
   AD/VC Adapter    66G3581
   ThinkPad IDE CD-ROM Adapter    39H3992
   (only work with FRU P/N 29H9231 CD-ROM)  

SCSI Hard Disk Drive
   FRU P/N
   80MB Drive    56F8854
   108MB Drive    95F4748
   216MB Drive    95F4749
   160MB Drive    56F8851
   320MB Drive    85F0011
   400MB Drive    85F0012
   1GB Drive (half-high)    92F0089
   Terminator, In-line (for 320/400MB)    92F0142

Keyboard Cable and Mouse
   FRU P/N
   Keyboard Cable    72X8537
   Mouse    61X8923
   Mouse Ball and Pop-Off Retainer    33F8461
   Mouse Ball and Twist-Off Retainer    33F8462
   Miniature Mouse    95F5723

Dock 1 Options
   FRU P/N
   Port Replicator Model I    66G3574
   Port Replicator Model II    66G3575
   Display Stand (black)    66G3584
   Internal CD-ROM Installation Kit    66G3577
   For Germany (mica gray)    66G3578
   Audio Cable    66G3518
   ThinkPad Hard Disk Installation Kit    66G3576
   Internal SCSI Cable    66G3579
   SCSI Hard Disk Tray    66G3580
   ThinkPad Hard Disk Drive (170 MB)    66G5066
   For Germany (mica gray)    66G5085
   ThinkPad Hard Disk Drive (340 MB)    66G5068
   For Germany (mica gray)    66G5087
   Diskette Drive    66G5060
   Diskette Drive Attachment Kit    66G5069

Numeric Keypad
   FRU P/N
   Belgian    95F5741
   Canadian French    95F5466
   Danish    95F5467
   Dutch    95F5467
   French    95F6313
   German    95F6314
   Greek    95F5467
   Hebrew    95F5741
   Icelandic    95F5467
   Italian    95F6316
   Norwegian    95F5467
   Spanish    95F6315
   Spanish Speaking    95F6315
   Swedish/Finish    95F5468
   Swiss/French    95F5711
   Swiss/German    95F5715
   Turkish    95F5467
   U.K. English    95F5741
   U.S. English    95F5741

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