Making Copper RI/RO Connections (8238)

Making Copper RI/RO Connections

If the IBM 8238 Copper RI/RO Feature is installed in your mgmt. hub, you can make RI/RO connections to:


To make a RI/RO connection:
  1.  Ensure both RI/RO devices are set to the same ring speed.

     The IBM 8238 Copper RI/RO Feature ring speed is factory-set to 16 Mbps. If you must  change the ring speed, refer to the IBM 3238 Token Ring Stackable Hub Installation and Operation Guide. 

     The order in which you make the connections does not matter.

  2.  Check the LEDs on the IBM 8238 Copper RI/RO Feature front panel to verify that the trunks are working properly.  The RI/RO LEDs light solid green to indicate proper operation.

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